Daniel Holtzclaw Accuser Profile Graphic

Updated 11/27/2016

Above is a Daniel Holtzclaw Accuser Profile Graphic.

You won’t see these details being discussed by any of the OKC13 supporters/activists.

This is being posted as a quick reference aid.

The significance of this graphic is that it clearly shows; Investigators had to go out and solicit ‘victims’, never found a single witness to any of the alleged crimes, never located a single piece of direct evidence tying Holtzclaw to a single crime, all but one accuser only implicated Holtzclaw after Ligons went on the news and virtually all of the accusers have already filed lawsuits seeking monetary damages.

It is unfathomable to believe that 13 accusers can alleged 36 criminal acts at 17 alleged crime scenes and yet investigators could not find a single witness nor a single piece of direct evidence proving any crime whatsoever occurred.

Furthermore, his injustice was perpetrated onto an Oklahoma City Police Officer with a spotless record.

Imagine the injustice that could and would be allowed to be perpetrated against the average citizen falsely accused of crimes