13 women could not have simply made up these allegations (or could they?)

11/2/2016 - (by Brian Bates) -- Probably the most common reason I hear from the public as to why they believe Daniel Holtzclaw is guilty is... "There is no way 13 women all told the same lie about the same cop!"

And, like the DNA evidence, I too initially thought this was compelling evidence of Daniel's guilt.

But, also like the DNA evidence, it wasn't until I had immersed myself into Daniel's case and read, watched and listened to every piece of evidence that a clearer picture emerged.

So, how could 13 women, who don't all know each other, each make a sexual assault claim against the same person and all be lying? More importantly - has this scenario in this case already been proven to have happened and went completely unnoticed?

I'll try and make my point as simply as possible...

Even though it was not widely reported by the media, prior to Daniel's trial, it was revealed by the prosecution that at least 20 individuals had made allegations against Daniel Holtzclaw for sexual assault.

Of those 20 accusers, 7 were deemed totally without credibility by investigators and the prosecution - primarily because they claimed to have been assaulted on a date that was after Daniel had been placed on administrative leave and no longer had his badge, gun or patrol car.

Virtually all seven admitted to lying when confronted by investigators. One false accuser, Shaneice Barksdale, would not initially admit to lying and she was eventually criminal prosecuted for making a false police report and later pleaded guilty.

So, at minimum, 7 individuals who do not know each other, that each lied about being a victim of Daniel Holtzclaw.

During the trial, the defense was made aware by prosecutors that an additional woman had come forward with sexual assault allegations against Daniel. However, like the previous 7, this woman was deemed by the prosecution to have been making up the allegations - this makes at least 8 accusers that even the prosecution believes are lying. 

At the conclusion of Daniel Holtzclaw's trial, 5 of the remaining 13 accusers were deemed to be without credibility by the jury and Daniel was acquitted of their charges.

8 individuals deemed to be liars prior to trial by the prosecution, and, 5 more were not believed by the jurors at trial - that equals 13 individuals who didn't all know each other that have been shown or believed to have been lying about Daniel Holtzclaw sexually assaulting them. That's 62% of all of Daniel's accusers.

So, you see, not only is it possible that 13 women who do not know each other would falsely accuse the same man of sexual assault - but, in reality, it happened right in front of you and you didn't even know it.

Additional Information: You may be temped to think to yourself... "Well, regardless, the system worked liked it is supposed to and the liars were all vetted out and exposed during this process." Keep in mind, of the accusers the prosecution and jury did believe, they included accuser Sherri Ellis - a woman who swore she knew her attacker well because he often patrolled her neighborhood and he is a "short black man." Daniel received the most number of years (62) from Ellis' allegations.

The public should also be reminded, Jannie Ligons was the first woman to come forward and implicate Daniel Holtzclaw for sexual impropriety. None of the remaining 20 accusers came forward until after Jannie Ligons went on the news and made her allegations public and gave details of her assault.

It is HoltzclawTrial.com's opinion that after Ligons went public, other individuals decided to capitalize on Ligons' allegations and made false police reports of their own - many at the urging of investigators who intentionally sought out potential victims and encouraged their false reports by telling them they believed they were a victim.