11th & Youngest Holtzclaw Accuser Files Federal Lawsuit Seeking Cash; Pleads Guilty Today in OK Court for Violent Crimes

(posted 4/18/2016 – last updated 4/18/2016) — by Brian Bates

This is a big court week for the youngest accuser in the Daniel Holtzclaw case – she is the 11th alleged victim to file a civil lawsuit seeking a big payout – AND – today she pleaded guilty in an Oklahoma court in two separate violent crime cases.

According to court records, 19-year-old Adaira Gardner filed a new lawsuit in federal court last Tuesday against Holtzclaw and four others.

Gardner’s lawsuit names defendants Daniel Holtzclaw, Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty, OCPD Supervisor Brian Bennett, Sex Crimes Detective Rocky Gregory and the City of Oklahoma City.

Gardner’s lawsuit alleges fives general causes of action against the named defendants for allegedly violating her civil rights by way of unlawful search, unlawful seizure, deprivation of liberty, unlawful use of force, conspiracy to interfere with Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights, failure to supervise, and municipal liability-failure to train.

In her lawsuit, Gardner rehashes her sexual assault allegations against Holtzclaw and how they resulted in 50 of the 263-years he was sentenced to.

HoltzclawTrial.com will soon be posting an in-depth look into Gardner’s allegations. Until then, I’d like to remind readers the following…

  • Just hours prior to Gardner coming into contact with Holtzclaw, Gardner’s mother filed both a runaway report and a assault and battery complaint against her daughter.
  • When Gardner’s mother arrived home, shortly after her daughter now claims she was raped, she claimed the first words out of her daughter’s mouth were, “I met a really hot cop.”
  • Gardner is an admitted prostitute and drug user.
  • Gardner lied to Oklahoma County Judge Timothy Henderson during her victim impact statement. Gardner claimed she was so traumatized by the sexual assault perpetrated by Holtzclaw against her that she has been unable to leave her house since it happened.
  • When police first tried to locate Gardner, after the alleged assault, she was in Detroit (not at home too afraid to leave).
  • Also, since she was allegedly attacked by Holtzclaw, Gardner was arrested in Oklahoma City for allegedly attacking a man inside his own home with a machete.
  • Additionally, since Gardner was allegedly attacked, she was charged in Muskogee County with domestic assault and battery. Just today Gardner pleaded guilty to the charge.
  • Lastly, in a separate case, Gardner was charged in Muskogee County with felony larceny from a house, domestic abuse and preventing another from making a 911 call. Just today Gardner pleaded guilty to counts 2 and 3 (count 1 was dismissed as part of her plea).

Because making a serious allegation against a police officer is apparently a permanent Get Out of Jail Free card – Gardner has yet to be charged in Oklahoma County for the machete attack and was given deferred probation in the two Muskogee incidents.

Gardner’s attorneys are making the same assertions that the other accuser/plantiffs are making – that the city and certain individuals are due them a big pay check because the police department was allegedly aware of the danger posed by Holtzclaw and failed to act.

As we pointed out in our Mar. 8, 2016 article, lawyers for all the accusers are desperate to show that the City of OKC and the OKC Police Dept. were put on notice with the Demetria Campbell allegations (because that’s the only legal path to a huge payout). Unfortunately for those same lawyers, that assertion is simply untrue – no matter how many press conferences they call proclaiming it so.

HoltzclawTrial.com will continue to follow and report on this case.

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