Holtzclaw 'Documentary' "The OKC 13" Premiered Locally; I distributed Fliers on OCPD Chief Citty's Alleged Racist Past

3/11/2016 (updated 3/12/2016) – by Brian Bates — You probably missed it, but the premiere of the documentary short The OKC 13was last night in northeast Oklahoma City.

I say you probably missed it because the only mention of it in the media was in the Oklahoman newspaper (so, your grandmother may have seen it while scanning the paper for her Hobby Lobby coupon) and that mention was only hours before it was set to begin.

I was personally made aware of the premiere and had every intention of attending, watching and providing a full review here.

Unfortunately, I got distracted – that happens a lot with me – shinny objects, hypocritical community leaders who need a reality check. Just your average stuff.

So, here’s a of trailer that was posted online you can review yourself…

Is it just me or does that trailer view like some journalism student’s homework assignment they didn’t bother to complete until the last minute?

But hey, don’t be too rough on it. It’s actually not that bad when you consider it was directed by former Fox 25 traffic reporter, Carmen Coffee, whose talent screener includes “stopping by Hopkins Haircare and asking them what they are thankful for this season.”

Odd, Coffee doesn’t mention her most recent on-air job in her online bio (I hear there was some ‘tension’ when she abruptly left).

Anyway, what caught my attention was the fact that Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty apparently appears in this film and is once again trying to re-write history and portray himself as the Eastside knight in racially neutral shining armor.

The problem is, the historical record doesn’t back that assertion up.

And, since the premiere was at the Oklahoma History Museum and the Oklahoman mentioned The OKC 13 “…explores the implications of race, gender, policy and police accountability..” I figured, what better opportunity to share a dose of reality of Chief Citty’s former alleged racist past – as told through the deposition of a minority northeast side resident and appellant judges.

Here are some of the more memorable quotes from the case of Brown vs. The City of Oklahoma City….

“Back that Nigger Off!” — Bill Citty

“I will call the animal shelter to [come get your kids]” — Bill Citty

“…[Bill Citty] punctuated with an attitude that plaintiff was subhuman.” — Appellant court judge’s opinion of Bill Citty’s actions towards minority members of OKC.

“Crushed were the fundamental rights of a single protesting citizen beneath the grinding boot heel of uniformed government agents with all the cold callousness of an imperial executioner.” — Appellant court judge’s opinion of Bill Citty’s actions towards minority members of OKC.

“…police officers who were either incompetently ignorant of their legal authority or who knew that what they were doing was illegal and acted with outrageous maliciousness.” — Appellant court judge’s opinion of Bill Citty’s actions towards minority members of OKC.

You can read my original article on this topic at this link for even more details.

So, with only hours to spare I decided to create a flier to distribute to the attendees of The OKC 13 premiere – in hopes of setting the record straight or at least addressing a topic the film’s director conveniently left out of the public discussion.

Below is a copy of the actual flier that I personally placed on each vehicle in the Oklahoma Museum of History’s parking lot…

Flier written and distributed by HoltzclawTrial.com creator Brian Bates

Not knowing what to expect, and never letting the fear of getting arrested dissuade me from a bit of civil disobedience and the exercising of my First Amendment rights, I put on some comfortable (aka, jail appropriate) attire and distributed about 150 fliers without incident – well, there was this one young couple trying to catch their totally adorable runaway dog in the parking lot and I stopped and let it jump on me and try to lick my face until they came over to retrieve it.

So, if anyone happens to see The OKC 13 and can somehow buy, borrow or secretly record with their cell phone a copy of it – let me know because I’d still be interested in critiquing their take on it. Which may prove difficult since (according to their website at publication) its only airing four times and this was the second showing.

As for the accusations levied against Bill Citty by Thecia Brown – It is my opinion now is the time Citty should publicly answer to those claims… Bill Citty are you the racist depicted in the sworn testimony of Thecia Brown or do you assert that you are innocent and sometimes minority women on the city’s northeast side make false and horrendous accusations against Oklahoma City police officers?

Which is it Chief Citty?

FYI – On a positive note, looks like The OKC 13 director Carmen Coffee appreciated the heads up regarding my flier on Chief Citty as she ‘liked’ my post to her Facebook page regarding the flier distribution at her premiere…

*Before any of my critics (and I have many and I value every one of them) goes off saying this was just some attempt to get some media attention on my part – just keep in mind, nowhere on this flier is my opinion of Holtzclaw’s innocence mentioned and neither is my name or any reference to this website. Additionally, I have a dozen members of the print and television news on speed dial and I intentionally did not let any of them know about the fliers in advance. This was about an effort to educate a targeted demographic that obviously has an interest in race relations between the citizens of Oklahoma City and law enforcement.