Daniel Holtzclaw's Oklahoma City Police 'Applicant Autobiography'

3/12/2016 – By Brian Bates — Below is a copy of the handwritten autobiography Daniel Holtzclaw wrote as part of his application process to become an Oklahoma City police officer.

Holtzclaw was officially accepted by the Oklahoma City Police Department on Sept. 16, 2011.

Below is a copy of the actual document submitted by Holtzclaw 

Below is a typewritten copy of Holtzclaw’s handwritten autobiography posted above…

“I was born in the U.S. Territory of Guam in 1986 when my father and mother who were in the Air Force, assigned to Anderson AFB.

I grew up as a dependent of a military member & we traveled and assigned to military bases in Japan for several years and then to Vance AFB in Enid, Oklahoma.

I attended Department of Defense schools up until 3rd grade and Enid Public schools.

I excelled in athletics early-on and specialized in football through high school.

I garnered several awards in football while I was at Enid High School, including a starting position in the state All-State game. I was a team captain my senior year at Enid High. My talents were recognized by several colleges & offered a Division 1a football scholarship from Eastern Michigan University.

I earned the starting middle linebacker position my freshman year and played every game in my four years of football at Eastern.

I garnered numerous school & conference awards for leadership and play. I held several NCAA records for tackles per season and career. I graduated with a degree in criminal justice.

I have always thought police work would be an interesting field to go into. Both my mother & father were police officers and my father had a long career with the Air Force Security Police and now an Enid Police Department lieutenant.

I think being an Oklahoma City Police Officer would be a challenge with numerous opportunities to specialize as it is a very large department.

I have always though public service was very important to giving back to the community and protecting it.

I have always lived ethically and tried to be a positive role model to others.

I have the highest regard and respect for police officers and aspire to fill that role and make a career in this field.” — Daniel Holtzclaw