Exclusive: Court Records Show Attorneys For Holtzclaw Accusers Misled The Public in Yesterday's Press Conference

3/8/2016 – by Brian Bates– Attorneys for seven of the alleged Holtzclaw victims misled the public during yesterday’s press conference and the local media was too lazy to call them on it.

Once again HoltzclawTrial.com is the only source willing to dig for the truth when it comes to the facts surrounding the allegations, investigation and prosecution of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

HoltzclawTrial.com reported on the publicity stunt press conference called by high profile attorney Benjamin Crump, Melvin Hall and Damario Solomon-Simons regarding “rather shocking evidence that these families and these survivors were not aware of.”

During that press conference Crump made the following compassionate assertion; “Ms. Hill was not the first victim of the Holtzclaw sexual assaults, as the Oklahoma City police would have you believe. In fact, on Nov. 5th of 2013, Ms. Demetria Campbell was the first victim of sexual assault by this serial rapist with a badge. And she, in great detail, told them exactly what happened. And she told it to the supervisor of Daniel Holtzclaw. And on Nov. 5th of 2013 they knew exactly who he was and they knew his identity … and they did nothing. These victims, these survivors are just shocked, that had they did something in regard to Demetria Campbell’s sexual assault complaint then all these other rapes could have been avoided.”

Wow, pretty compelling stuff huh? A woman named Demetria Campbell came forward in 2013 and identified officer Holtzclaw as the individual who sexually assaulted her. She went so far as to report the crime immediately after it happened and even gave police Holtzclaw’s identity. Then, the police simply ignored her – “they did nothing” – and their indifference allowed a sexual serial rapist to victimize all their clients and-then-some.

The reality of those assertions are that they are simply not true.

Crump and his cronies are conveniently relying on the allegations in Campbell’s civil lawsuit filed in July of 2015.

Those allegations read, in part; “…Defendant Holtzclaw grabbed [Campbell] while shoving her towards the building. [Holtzclaw] then slammed [Campbell’s] face and head against the brick wall and pressed his crotch area against her backside while exhibiting an obvious erection.”

 Here’s the problem…. This lawsuit was filed almost a year after Holtzclaw was formally charged and the sexual assault allegations against him had been profiled in great detail by local, national and international news outlets.

Anyone familiar with the court system in Oklahoma knows that before you can legally sue the City of Oklahoma City, you must first file and be denied a tort claim against the city.

Knowing this, HoltzclawTrial.com knew there must be a tort claim out there somewhere and that that claim probably held the answer as to why police never investigated Holtzclaw for the alleged sexual assault of Campbell and why she was never a part of the criminal trial. A fact apparently all the local media wasn’t aware of.

Today, Holtzclaw.com filed a Freedom Of Information request with the City of Oklahoma City for a copy of that tort claim.

The city complied within hours.

Sure enough, the tort claim was filed on Nov. 3, 2014  – only two months after Holtzclaw was criminally charged (see bottom of article for actual tort claim).

Below is an excerpt from Campbell’s tort claim; “Without provocation or sufficient justification, Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw, a member of the Oklahoma City Police Department, willfully and unlawfully exhibited excessive force, and assault and battery upon Demetria Michelle Campbell by grabbing her person and slamming her into a vehicle causing contusions to her head and face, right shoulder and right wrist. Ms. Campbell had not violated any laws to warrant Officer Holtzclaw pulling her vehicle over in the first instance. After causing her physical and emotional injury, Officer Holtzclaw released Ms. Campbell without making an official arrest. Ms. Campbell was never advised as to what unlawful act she had committed which would justify detention by Officer Holtzclaw. Unbeknowest to Ms. Campbell, Officer Holtzclaw had targeted numerous other middle-aged Black women driving through the east side of Oklahoma City.”

As you can see, Campbell did indeed report officer Holtzclaw for excessive force. However, nowhere in that original tort claim does Campbell make any allegation regarding Holtzclaw’s penis – erect or otherwise.

Campbell’s use-of-force complaint was investigated and Holtzclaw’s actions were deemed within the law.

Campbell simply saw an opportunity to twist her story in hopes of a bigger pay day and added the sexual assault after Holtzclaw’s criminal case became high profile.

As for Crump and his cronies – they are desperate to prove the City of Oklahoma City was aware they had a rogue cop on the loose who was allegedly sexually assaulting women in the city’s Eastside, and “they did nothing.”

And here’s why… The City of Oklahoma City’s defense to these civil lawsuits is that they are not financially liable for Holtzclaw’s alleged actions because they were outside the scope of his employment as a police officer and the city had no reason to believe they had an issue with Holtzclaw.

If Crump and his clients want to cash in and cash in big, they MUST prove prior knowledge.

HoltzclawTrial.com thinks that just became a whole lot harder to prove.

FYI, here are a few public posts Campbell published to her Facebook account…

Below is the original tort claim as filed on Campbell’s behalf…