Seeking illegal Photos/Videos Taken Inside the Holtzclaw Trial Courtroom

3/9/2016 (updated 3/10/2016) – By Brian Bates — This is just a quick post to ask that anyone who is aware of published photos or videos from inside the courtroom during Daniel Holtzclaw’s trial to please email with a link to that publication – news outlet website, twitter post, Facebook post, Instagram post, etc.

This information is being gathered for a very specific purpose that could impact Holtzclaw’s appeal.

At least seven members of the public, including accuser Shadayreon Hill, either had their cell phones confiscated or were detained and questioned by law enforcement for photographing and/or videotaping inside the court room. Several of those instances involved capturing images of members of the jury.

At least two individuals were detained for attempting to audiotape the proceedings.

Below is an example of a picture taken in violation of Judge Henderson’s order – this person can’t exactly claim they didn’t know the rule, because they were brazen (or ignorant) enough to caption the photo with “Deputies [said] 180 days jail if caught taking pics.”

Charlene Muhammad identifies herself on her Twitter account as a “Nat’l correspondent for The Final Call newspaper” and the host at Liberated Sisters Radio.

Below is a video that was recorded by accuser Shardayreon Hill’s twin sister, Sharmarreon Hill (aka, Icess Hill, icess2bold2cold) and posted to her Facebook account…

This is the caption at the bottom of her video…

Below are two more examples of photos that were apparently taken in violation of Judge Henderson’s orders inside the courtroom and posted by a woman who identifies herself as Heide Brandes – a self-professed freelance write, editor and belly dancer living in Oklahoma City. These photos were posted to her Twitter account.

Photography and videographer are allowed outside the courtroom, in the halls and to be taken from the courtroom door window.

Below appears to be an example of a legal photo taken (from the hallway looking through the courtroom door window) and posted online…

Again, please send links to any suspected illegally taken and published photos and video to

*The only legal photography and videography inside the courtroom was by pre-approved members of the media and only during the reading of the verdict.