Protective Order Issued Against Holtzclaw accuser, Shardayreon Hill; Couple who adopted her children 'feared for their safety'

Hill's Oklahoma prison mugshot.

Hill's Oklahoma prison mugshot.

4/25/2016 (updated 4/27/2016) - Norman, OK -- A victim's protective order was issued today against a high profile Holtzclaw accuser after she repeatedly harassed and traumatized the children she lost custody of and the loving couple who adopted them. was in the courtroom this morning in Cleveland County for a scheduled hearing regarding a victim's protective ordered filed against Holtzclaw accuser Shardayreon Hill, 24.

According to court papers filed on Jan. 15, 2016, Hill is the biological mother of three young boys, ages 8, 7 and 5. The petitioners (whose names we are withholding) adopted the three boys after they were taken from Hill and placed in DHS custody. *The boys apparently have different dads who are currently incarcerated.

According to the adoptive parents, they were advised by both DHS and a judge that they and the adopted children should have no contact with Hill or her family because they posed a real physical threat and were "dangerous." The adoptive parents testified that Hill's biological sons had to be moved from shelter to shelter because of problems with Hill trying to locate them. Further, because of the danger posed by Hill, the adoption was sealed and the adoptive parents were urged to change the boy's names, social security numbers and not to allow the children to have social media accounts or for them as parents to post photos of the boys - or even allow them to have photos taken at daycare or school. 

Unfortunately everyone's fears were realized when Hill and her twin sister (Shamarreon Hill) began stalking the adoptive family and Hill's biological sons.

According to the petition for protective order and testimony in open court, Hill first approached her oldest biological son at a youth basketball game last December. Hill talked briefly to the young boy and took his picture with her phone. The adoptive parents had no idea Hill was the biological mother and assumed she must have been a parent of one of the other children on the team.

On Jan. 9, Hill and her twin sister showed up at another basketball game on the University of Oklahoma Campus and sat close to the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents noticed Hill and her twin taking several photos of their oldest adoptive son. At one point Hill approached the adoptive mother and identified herself.

The adoptive mother told Hill she did not want her taking photos of the children and that she shouldn't be making contact with them.

Hill refused to honor the adoptive parents wishes. When the basketball game ended, the adoptive parents went to another court to watch another game one of their adopted children would be playing in. Hill and her sister followed them and continued taking photos and making contact with Hill's biological son.

At one point Hill sent the only child she still has custody of over to one of her biological children and had him show the other child photos from when the adopted child was an infant.

The adoptive parents gathered the children and left the game.

A week later the adoptive family attended another tournament at OU. And, once again, Hill and her sister showed up and began taking photos and trying to make contact with Hill's oldest biological son.

This time the adoptive family contacted organizers of the tournament and they told Hill and her sister they needed to leave. The adoptive family also made a police report.

The adoptive parents went onto Facebook and located the photos Hill had taken and posted. At the hearing the adoptive parents presented copies of those Facebook postings and highlighted comments that were threatening and racist towards the adoptive parents - who are white.

The adoptive parents testified that after Hill approached her oldest biological son and identified herself as his mother, the young boy began suffering nightmares and started having trouble in school. The adoptive parents testified that the young boy recalls living with Hill and how he witnessed all sorts of criminal and gang related activity, knife fights and even found a handgun hidden in a couch cushion. The boy is said to now ask his adoptive parents if "they" (Hill and her family) are going to come get him and hurt him.

In true Shardayreon Hill fashion, she lied her ass off to the judge and promptly threw her twin sister (who wasn't at the hearing) under the bus.

But, before we get into Hill's lies and sibling sabotage - we have to mention that literally the very first words out of Hill's mouth to the judge were, "Your honor, I'm a Holtzclaw rape survivor." 

Yeah, this felon drug addict, drug dealing, lying, former inmate, thief of a despicable mother played the "I'm a Holtzclaw victim" card to try and once again gain favor with an Oklahoma court.

Shardayreon Hill as she appears in a publicly posted Facebook photo from 2015.

Shardayreon Hill as she appears in a publicly posted Facebook photo from 2015.

Anyway.... Hill claimed that each time she was at one of her biological son's basketball games it was purely by accident. Hill literally told Cleveland County Judge Jequita Napoli that she's such an involved mother that she often takes her 3-year-old son to random basketball games all over the city. According to Hill's sworn testimony, it was just a coincidence that she drove from OKC to Norman at 9 a.m. and ran into her biological son on the OU campus (3 times no less). Hill later had the gall to state, "it must have meant God wanted it to happen."

When that load of bull shit didn't seem to be working, Hill then claimed all of the alleged actions were committed by her twin sister - so, it's not her fault.

Fortunately, just like the jury in the Holtzclaw trial, nobody was buying a single word of what was spewing from her mouth. *Yeah, someone needs to remind Hill that Holtzclaw was acquitted of all six of allegations.

The judge ordered that the victim's protective order would be issued and that Hill was to stay away from the adoptive parents and their three adopted son's for the next five years.

Hill was also ordered to pay all court costs.

After the judge's ruling, Hill was apparently perceived as such a threat that she was escorted by sheriff's deputies to the court clerk's desk and then out of the court house.

Hill at the court clerk's counter being told she has to pay all the court costs. 

Hill at the court clerk's counter being told she has to pay all the court costs. 

I was actually at the court clerk's counter when Hill was escorted there under guard and I heard her  say, "I don't give a fuck what that bitch says [presumably the judge], my babies are gonna be with their momma. I don't care if they are white and got money."

Hill is currently charged in Oklahoma County with felony drug possession with intent to distribute (aka, being a PCP dealer) and destruction of evidence.

Hill has one felony conviction in Cleveland County for larceny from a retailer, a misdemeanor conviction for larceny from a retailer, and a misdemeanor conviction for resisting arrest.

You can see Hill's complete criminal history in Oklahoma on OSCN.

Hill also served prison time in Texas for her participation in a traveling organized larceny ring. will continue to follow this case and will report on any violations of the victim's protective order.

Hill's twin, Shamarreon, posted this publicly to her Facebook page after the hearing (that she didn't even attend)... 

*4/27/2016 Response and Clarification

The article above originally appeared with a redacted photo from a youth basketball game. The photo was posted publicly to Shardayreon Hill's Facebook wall in January of 2016 (when she was harassing the couple who adopted her 3 sons) with no caption or context. I blurred out all faces and identifying features and posted it to this article. Not certain if the photo was of any of the biological children of Hill's I captioned it vaguely, but factually.... "Photo publicly posted to Hill's Facebook wall in January 2016."

Soon thereafter I was contacted by a Tyral Muhammad(identified on Facebook as Shardayreaon Hill's mother's current Husband). Muhammad stated that the photo was not related to the article and was not one of Hill's biological children and asked that the photo be removed. I responded and said I would do that.

However, Shardayreon Hill's mother, LaTonya James-Hayes, couldn't let it end there. She had to not only repost the photo, but also make false assertions against me - assertions she knew to be false when she made them.

Below are the images in question. First is the picture as it originally appeared within this article. Second is the post made by LaTonya James-Hayes (Shardayreon Hill's mother)...

Photo publicly posted to Hill's Facebook wall in January 2016.

Photo publicly posted to Hill's Facebook wall in January 2016.

Below is part of the conversation I had online with Tyral Muhammad regarding the photo and my willingness to remove it.