12th Holtzclaw Accuser Files Lawsuit Seeking Cash

5/4/2016 - OKC, OK (by Brian Bates) -- Another Holtzclaw accuser has filed a lawsuit seeking a cash award in the wake of the Daniel Holtzclaw conviction.

According to court documents, accuser Rosetta Grate filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on April 22, 2016 against Holtzclaw, OCPD Chief Bill Citty, OCPD supervisor Brian Bennett, OCPD Sex Crimes Detective Rocky Gregory and 'John and Jane Does.'

According to Grate's complaint, she was detained by Holtzclaw while she was on foot in her neighborhood. Grate testified at trial that she was high on crack and prostituting herself as she made her way home.

Grate's lawsuit contends (as she did at trial), that Holtzclaw transported her to her home, followed her inside, exposed himself to Grate and forced her to perform oral sex upon him before he vaginally raped her - using no protection and allegedly ejaculated.

At trial Grate testified that she intentionally placed Holtzclaw's DNA in several places within her bedroom. Specifically, Grate swore under oath that while performing oral sex on Holtzclaw that she wiped her saliva on the mattress pad and the wood railing of her bed. She also testified that after Holtzclaw vaginally raped her that she used a rag to wipe her vagina and then put the rag in her closet. Grate stated that she also specifically remembered Holtzclaw touching a chair that is in her bedroom.

Grate testified that Holtzclaw's holstered service revolver kept hitting her in the face while she was performing oral sex - a claim that seems virtually impossible considering Holtzclaw's holster is on his right side hip.

Despite Grate's demeanor of cooperation, police sent at least a dozen officers (most gang unit) to Grate's residence, surrounded the home, cut the lock off the front door, forced their way inside and forcibly detained the home's owner - Willie Carter.

Detectives and forensics staff took rags and underwear from Grate's bedroom closet for testing. They also took the chair Grate said Holtzclaw touched. For undisclosed reasons, investigators claim they never attempted to test the bed's mattress cover or wooden railing.

No DNA belonging to Holtzclaw or any evidence of a crime was located anywhere in the residence. As a matter of fact, no evidence could even be found that Holtzclaw had ever entered Grate's home.

When Grate was asked at trial if she considered the sex acts consensual, she replied, "It wasn't consensual because there wasn't any money involved."

When OCPD Sex Crimes Detectives located Grate to initially interview her, she was being held at the Oklahoma County Jail for making a false police report. 

According to court records, while Grate was being detained as a passenger in a traffic stop, she called in a false shooting to 911 from her cell phone to create a distraction so the officer would not realize she had warrants. And guess whose address she claimed the shooting was happening at? No, not some random made up address, but the very address where Willie Carter (her on again off again boyfriend) was allowing her to live rent free. That's right, this 'perfect victim' is more than willing to throw anyone under the bus if it saves her own ass.

Locally, KFOR News Channel 4 reported on Grate's arrest for the false 911 call. During their interview, Willie Carter had this to say about Grate; "She's slick. She's a criminal. She's a schemer and a con woman. She played her last trick. It's good for her to get off the street [arrested] so she won't hurt anybody..."

And Det. Kim Davis' recorded reaction to Grate when learning about the false 911 call to obstruct the officer - "I thought that was quite sharp!"

Once again, lawyers for Grate are trying to assert that police knew or should have know Holtzclaw was a danger to the public. As in virtually all the other lawsuits, lawyers for the plaintiffs contend that the first Holtzclaw victim was Demetria Campbell and that she positively identified Holtzclaw back on Nov. 5, 2013. That assertion has been completely debunked here on HoltzclawTrial.com in our March 8, 2016 article. (link) Regardless, attorneys keep forwarding this idea because its their only assurance of a huge pay day.

At the time of this posting, Grate currently has multiple warrants for her arrest; The first stems from a 2014 felony charge for unauthorized use of a vehicle and aggravated attempting to elude a police officer. The second is her 2014 charge of making a false 911 emergency call, obstructing and officer and possession of drug paraphernalia. Lastly, failure to appear after being convicted of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of cocaine and attempting to elude an officer.

Grate has an extensive criminal resume.