Shaneice Barksdale's False Allegations Against Daniel Holtzclaw

2/8/2016 – (updated 5/4/2016) OKC, OK By Brian Bates — A Oklahoma City woman has been criminally charged with making a false sexual assault allegation against then Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

Shaneice Jana Barksdale, 25, was originally charged with felony false reporting of a crime back on Mar. 4, 2015. That felony charge was dismissed a month later and refiled as a misdemeanor.

UPDATE: On March 30, 2016, Barksdale pleaded guilty to falsely reporting a crime and was sentenced. (link)

According to court documents, Barksdale met with Oklahoma City Sex Crimes Detective Rocky Gregory on Aug. 22, 2014. During that meeting Barksdale detailed a Mar. 12th incident wherein she alleged that then OKC police officer Daniel Holtzclaw had pulled her over near NE 50th and Lincoln Blvd. Barksdale went on to tell Det. Gregory that officer Holtzclaw directed her to drive to nearby Woodson Park. Once there, Barksdale claimed that officer Holtzclaw had her get out and place her hands on the vehicle. Barksdale claimed that officer Hotlzclaw then sexually assaulted her by first placing his hands on her breasts and then under her pants, inserting his fingers into her vagina.

Barksdale also claimed that officer Holtzclaw asked to engage in sexual intercourse with her, but she declined.

Barksdale told Det. Gregory that before officer Holtzclaw left, he took her ID and warned her not to tell anyone.

Barksdale apparently arrived to her meeting with Det. Gregory with a completed written statement listing officer Holtzclaw as her attacker.

Barksdale described officer Holtzclaw as being 5′ 6″ tall and weighing 150 lbs.

Barksdale’s claims quickly fell apart when a check of officer Hotlzclaw’s patrol car AVL (GPS) showed he was never in the area of 50th and Lincoln or Woodson Park on that date.

When confronted about the GPS and description discrepancies, Barksdale admitted that she lied about the assault.

Barksdale admitted to Det. Gregory that she had seen news reports about officer Holtzclaw’s arrest and that she made up her story to “help the case” against him.

Below is the video of Shaneice Barksdale meeting with Det Gregory after she has admitted to making false allegations against officer Hotlzclaw.

According to 21 O.S. § 589, it is a crime to “willfully, knowingly and without probable cause make a false report to any person of any crime or circumstances indicating the possibility of crime having been committed, including the unlawful taking of personal property, which report causes or encourages the exercise of police action or investigation.” The maximum penalty for false reporting of a crime under these conditions is 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Several things are important about this incident with Shaneice Barksdale.

For one, it proves conclusively that individuals are fully capable and willing to make serious sexual assault claims against police officers.

Second, it shows what I believe was a major motivation behind the false claims of 11 of the 13 women that eventually made their own assault allegations against officer Holtzclaw – that they did so with the selfish reassurance that even though their specific claims were false, the other accusers must be telling the truth. Therefore they had no guilt or remorse for the lies they were telling – because, they are “just trying to help the case.”

Third, this case proves that the only defining line that investigators used to determine guilt or innocence is whether of not officer Holtzclaw’s AVL (GPS) showed him at the location of the alleged assault. Meaning, any citizen can now make an allegation of sexual assault or abuse at the hands of an officer – as long as they actually had some sort of verifiable contact with that officer. In this case, the AVL (GPS). That fact should scare the hell out of any police officer not equipped with a body camera or dashcam.

Lastly, I couldn’t help but notice that Det. Gregory used very specific language in the Barksdale Probable Cause Affidavit (see PCA at the bottom of this page) that he didn’t use in similar instances on other accusers affidavits.

Example 01: When Barksdale gives officer Holtzclaw’s description as 5′ 6″ tall and 150 lbs. Det. Gregory makes it a point to add “…which is way off from [officer Holtzclaw’s] height and weight.” However, Det. Gregory never makes those same written observations when several of the other accusers give descriptions of officer Holtzclaw that are not consistent with reality but still led to formal criminal charges. Even when one accuser described officer Hotlzclaw as a “short black man.”

Example 02: Det. Gregory repeatedly uses the adverb “supposedly” when describing what Barksdale claims happened when she encountered officer Hotlzclaw. In contrast, in all of his other reports detailing allegations against officer Holtzclaw, Det. Gregory omits this adverb and instead treats the accusations as absolute. has learned that Barksdale received a four-year deferred sentence in 2009 after pleading guilty to embezzlement in Oklahoma County. That case has since been expunged from the public record.

Barksdale, who has was granted a personal recognizance bond, is next scheduled to appear in court this Thursday.

Barksdale has so far been granted five court delays


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