Tyler Media removes Holtzclaw billboard after pressure from "liberal community activists"; Daniel Holtzclaw responds from prison; Was it all just brilliantly executed Guerrilla Marketing?

(11/23/2016 by Brian Bates) -- On Monday I reported on a new digital billboard near I-44 and N. Kelley Ave., in NE Oklahoma City, that was promoting the CRTV.com program Michelle Malkin Investigates and their upcoming two-part series regarding the Daniel Holtzclaw allegations, investigation, trial and conviction.

You can watch a teaser of the CRTV Michelle Malkin Investigates two-part series below...

The billboard, which contained two images of Holtzclaw and the headline, "What if he didn't do it?" was immediately met with opposition from the activist group OKC Artists For Justice, whose members were often shown protesting outside of the courthouse during Holtzclaw's trial.

It's important to note that this group - and in particular it's executive director Grace Franklin and high profile member Candace Liger - vocalized their outrage over the high profile placement of the billboard, but in reality were not even aware of it's existence until they were contacted by members of the media.

After Franklin and her minions targeted Tyler Media with their usual brand of bullying, Tyler pulled the billboard and posted the following statement to their Facebook page...

Tyler Media's post was immediately met with praise and criticism for their decision to remove the Holtzclaw billboard from their digital rotation.

Among the hundreds of comments posted to Tyler Media's Facebook thread, was a reaction from Michelle Malkin and myself...

In contrast, this is an example of the eloquence in those associated with OKC Artists For Justice who responded to learning of the billboards existence...

Below is the exclusive lead story from last nights 10 pm KFOR newscast...

CRTV released an official statement yesterday that read in part (you can read the entire statement at the bottom of this page)...

"This afternoon, Oklahoma City billboard company Tyler Media agreed to take down a CRTV billboard in Oklahoma City in response to pressure from liberal community activists from the group OKC Artists For Justice. ... CRTV supports free speech. We are disappointed that Tyler Media caved in to pressure to take down the billboard. This is a perfect example of why platforms like CRTV are needed ... Too often, if an opinion isn't sanctioned by the Left, it is simply stamped out." -- CRTV

While being interviewed by Abby Broyles with KFOR News Ch4 at my home, I received a telephone call from Daniel Holtzclaw. I am in contact with Daniel on a regular basis and I asked him if he'd like to comment on Tyler Media's decision to remove the billboard.

Daniel commented, "I'm aware that the billboard has come down, and I'm a little disheartened. But, I'm encouraged by the ongoing supporters who believe in my innocence. I'm very confident in my appellate lawyers, I'm confident in my team and the support that I have. I'm very blessed to have that. I'm confident that all the discovery we have found throughout the trial. I'm pretty positive I'm going to get a retrial."

What follows is pure speculation on my part, as I was not involved in the design, purchase or placement of the CRTV Holtzclaw "What if he didn't do it?" digital billboard.

If I had to guess, I'd say this was all actually a brilliantly executed guerrilla marketing plan by CRTV and Michelle Malkin Investigates.

First, the billboard is located in the most controversial location - only 1.25 miles from the Jannie Ligons traffic stop. Second, the billboard itself is pretty small by highway billboard standards and quite frankly was difficult to make-out from the street and was on a rotation with numerous other ads. I seriously doubt most passersby even recognized the images as being that of Holtzclaw and his name doesn't even appear on the ad. Not to mention it's only seen for a few seconds before the next ad appears - and all of this while motorists are whizzing by at 70 MPH on Interstate 44.

Secondly, the billboard actually had gone completely unnoticed by the 'outraged' members of the community - who were only made aware of the billboard's existence after news media contacted OKC Artists For Justice for comment.

Because of OKC Artists for Justice's overreactive nature, it was actually their 'outrage' that gave this promotion any legs at all.

Prior to OKC Artists For Justice's 'outrage', the local media had zero interest in doing a story about a competing media outlets documentary on Daniel Holtzclaw.

But, because of OKC Artists For Justice's uncontrollable 'outrage' the previously unnoticed billboard became a top news story for two days with images of the billboard and CRTV's logo on full display on thousands of televisions all over the state - and all for free! Additionally, within two of those news stories, new DNA evidence was discussed and in one interview Daniel Holtzclaw himself got to comment - making KFOR's report at 10pm an exclusive lead story.

And, in the end, CRTV will be refunded the entire cost of the campaign - thanks to OKC Artists For Justice.

Even though now that the billboard is down and the television new stories have run their course - millions of social media news feeds and blogs across the country are still promoting the billboard, the question and CRTV's new show.

Yet, I'm willing to bet the short sighted members of OKC Artists For Justice are actually declaring a victory in having the billboard taken down.

Below is the news story from KOKH Fox25 which aired on Nov. 21.

Below is the official comment from CRTV...