Enid screening of documentary proclaiming Holtzclaw's innocence shown to standing room only crowd

12/11/2016 - Enid, OK -- Last night a two-part series highlighting the allegations, investigation and prosecution of Daniel Holtzclaw was shown to a standing room only crowd near downtown Enid - where Holtzclaw grew-up and was a standout football player in high school. 

The series was produced by award winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin of Michelle Malkin Investigates.

Below is a trailer for the series...

The sold-out screening came on the one-year anniversary of Holtzclaw's conviction and dares to ask the question, "What if he didn't do it?"

In reality, the series goes beyond asking the question and convincingly lays out a case for Holtzclaw's innocence.

The one-hour and fifteen minute series takes viewers through the June 18, 2014 traffic stop of Jannie Ligons, Holtzclaw's interrogation, the process used to profile potential victims and the month-long trial and conviction on 18 of 36 counts.

Within that outline, Malkin clearly shows misstep after misstep by seasoned sex crimes detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory.

Malkin, a recognized and celebrated conservative, is quoted by the Enid news in an article published today, "Because of what I consider moral cowardice, incomplete and incompetent policing that was coupled with an attitude of apathy and antipathy for the truth,” Malkin said. “You don’t have to believe me, I don’t care what your political ideology is, the search for truth transcends partisan and ideological lines."

Brian Bates was recognized at the end of the two-part series as the Michelle Malkin Investigates Bulldog recipient - as seen below...

Immediately following the screening, Malkin hosted a Q&A session with those in attendance.

Photo by Billy Hefton with the Enid News & Eagle - (see link to article above) - Jenny Holtzclaw, Michelle Malkin and Brian Bates

the 300+ members of the public were invited to ask questions of Malkin, Holtzclaw's sister Jenny or myself (defense team private investigator turned Daniel Holtzclaw advocate Brian Bates).

Sold out crowd in attendance (300+). Pic is a still image from EnidBuzz.com Facebook live video.

During the Q&A portion, Holtzclaw himself called in from prison and addressed those in attendance and thanked them for coming out and having an open mind.

A clip of Daniel's call-in can be watched below...

EnidBuzz.com utilized Facebook Live to capture and broadcast the Q&A portion of the night to their Facebook page.

Next week, Malkin will be hosting additional screenings in Washington, Texas and Colorado.

You can watch the two-part series only on the subscription based conservative CRTV.com network.

Subscriptions are as low as $10 per month (no commitment or contract).