Outspoken Holtzclaw accuser, Shardayreon Hill, convicted of drug dealing and destruction of evidence

10/27/2016 - OKC, OK -- Yet another fact you'll never hear in the mainstream media, outspoken Daniel Holtzclaw accuser, Shardayreon Hill, was convicted this month in regard to the very arrest where she claimed she was sexually assaulted.

24-year-old single mother and convicted felon, Shardayreon Hill, was arrested by then Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw back on Dec. 20, 2013.

According to Hill, she was sitting in a truck, belonging to an individual she could only identify as "some dude," parked in the parking lot of the Liberty Station apartments in northeast Oklahoma City. Hill was at the apartments smoking and selling PCP when officer Holtzclaw approached her. Also in the truck with Hill was her cousin Jonaye Stafford.

Hill claims that Holtzclaw was aggressive with her and began asking her about the guy he saw running from her truck, accusing her of dealing dope and opened her vehicle door without her permission.

When Holtzclaw asked Hill if he could search her, Hill claims she said "no." In response, Holtzclaw told her she would be searched anyway and called for a female officer to assist him.

In Hill's attempt to hide the vials of PCP in her possession, one or more of the vials spilled (either intentionally or accidentally) and were quickly absorbed into her skin.

When asked for her name, Hill gave the name and identifying information for her twin sister Shamarreon Hill.

After the female officer arrived, she found additional vials of PCP hidden on Hill's body and placed them on the police cruiser near Hill. As Hill was being placed under arrest, Hill pretended she was loosing her balance and took the opportunity to lean over and take the remaining PCP vials into her mouth and began crushing them with her teeth.

From OCPD Det. Rocky Gregory's official report.

In fear for Hill's well-being, officer Holtzclaw and assisting officers called for an ambulance to transport Hill to the hospital because they knew there was a very real concern that Hill could overdose and die.

As required by Oklahoma City police policy, officer Holtzclaw stayed with Hill as she was transported to Southwest Medical Center by ambulance for emergency treatment.

Shardayreon Hill as publicly posted to Facebook in 2014.

How does Hill thank officer Holtzclaw for potentially saving her life? Hill does what Hill has done her entire life - refused to take responsibility for her actions and lie to deflect attention onto others. Hill accused Holtzclaw of sexually assaulting her. Hill claimed that officer Holtzclaw fondled her and forced her to perform oral sex on him while she was handcuffed to a bed in a recovery room of a very busy and very public emergency department.

However, Hill didn't make these accusations against Holtzclaw for nine months. Specifically, Hill didn't bother to mention allegedly being rape by Holtzclaw until after she was formally charged with felony crimes that would most likely end in prison time and only after Holtzclaw had been initially charged and the details of those charges had been made public.

Oklahoma City police detective Kim Davis told the Oklahoman newspaper that false sexual assault allegations against police officers are very common. Davis said the department gets about one sexual assault claim a month. Davis also commented to the Oklahoman that most of the time the false allegations are the result of an individual trying to avoid jail or trying to get even with an overly aggressive cop.

Oklahoman newspaper May 15, 2016.

Despite that fact, detective Davis requested that Holtzclaw be criminally charged based on Hill's claims.

As a result, Holtzclaw faced six additional criminal counts; sexual battery x3, forcible oral sodomy, rape in the second degree by instrumentation, and indecent exposure.

Holtzclaw was eventually found not guilty of all six criminal charges.

The criminal case against Hill crept along for almost three-years, coming to a conclusion on Oct. 14, 2016 with Hill's guilty plea.

Despite Hill's long criminal history, which includes serving prison time in Texas, and multiple probation violations, Hill avoided prison with her guilty plea.

Hill was sentenced to 10-years of supervised probation and ordered to pay fines and court fees. Hill was also ordered to obtain her GED and provide proof of employment.

Hill's criminal history in Oklahoma includes being charged in 2010 with concealing stolen property, possession of CDS and possession of criminal proceeds. In 2011 Hill was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. In 2011 Hill was charged and later convicted of concealing stolen property and possession of CDS. Charges of possession of criminal proceeds were dismissed as part of her plea deal. In 2013 Hill was charged and convicted of misdemeanor larceny of merchandise from a retailer. In a separate case in 2013, Hill was charged and convicted of felony larceny of merchandise from a retailer. Also in 2013, Hill was charged and convicted of misdemeanor resisting arrest. 

Earlier this year a victim's protective order was granted to the family who adopted three of Hill's children after Hill began acting erratically and harassing the family. HoltzclawTrial.com reported on that case this past April.

As mentioned previously, Hill also served time in a Texas prison for her role in a large, organized shoplifting ring.

On Oct. 14 of this year, Hill posed for her latest Oklahoma Department of Corrections mugshot.