Valentine's Day message from Daniel Holtzclaw

*Below is a copy of a letter by Daniel Holtzclaw, from prison, to all of his supporters, family and friends on this Valentine's Day....

Supporters, loved ones, & friends:

If I timed this letter right it should be posted around Valentine's Day. The day of love. I want to start this letter by expressing my perspective (as one who is wrongfully incarcerated). 

I look back at my previous life and think of the wonderful times I had where I may have taken them for granted. As a police officer there comes a lot of stress with the job. When you start out as a rookie, everything seems like it's going 100 mph. There's a lot of multi-tasking and it can become overwhelming at times. As you mature as an officer or even as a person, a lot of things start to slow down, but in life it's easy to overlook or take for granted those special moments with loved ones. I was so concentrated on starting my own family with a loved one that I neglected my immediate family by using lame excuses of being lazy. One excuse that comes to mind is, “It's my off days and I'm just really tired”. In all reality I could've driven back to my hometown which was only an hour and a half away. I could've killed two birds with one stone by spending time with my family and, if needed, by getting my rest at my parents' house.

I want to share my previous life with you guys as I look back and wish I could've done things differently. I use my previous life as an example to make this point. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS. I had what people may say was “The American Dream”. I had a beautiful girlfriend who I loved to the moon, I had a loving, caring family that raised me with strong, loving characteristics, and a career that would provide for my family in the future & I was passionate about. As the worst thing imaginable, THIS NIGHTMARE WRONGFULLY stripped me of everything in my life.

In life you tend to take for granted what you have. Those times could be special moments with your significant other, or time spent with your family, that you don't take full advantage of because you make lame excuses like I did. This Valentine's Day, appreciate and embrace those precious times you have with your loved ones. With all this said, I know this is going to sound “cheesy” ha but I love you Mom, Dad, Julie, Jenn, supporters & loved ones.

Next, I want to talk about the latest updates. My appeal has been submitted. A lot of people think that an answer or decision will be made here soon. Don't feel bad, because I thought the same way a while ago. Unfortunately it's a process and it takes time. There will be additional information provided for the appeal. This will go into further articulation of my appeal and the main points. 

I want to continue my thanks to Michelle Malkin and Brian Bates for their time and support. I understand by helping me it takes time away from your family.

You guys sacrifice time that you guys could be spending with your family. My heart goes out to you both. Again, I would not be remotely close to where I am at if it wasn't for your support. On behalf of my family and I, we thank you so much! When I'm released, I feel I owe my life to you guys. I sound redundant but the support gives me so much more faith, inspiration, motivation to keep on fighting! It just really warms my heart. Thank you so much.

I would like to continue on with Facebook Live and reach out to my supporters. I encourage you all to feel free to ask me questions about anything. I'm sure within the near future there will be another live stream. Please look out for the dates that we post to have “live chats”. This way we can have immediate feedback with one another and I feel this is a great way to get to know me, the TRUE Daniel Holtzclaw, and not this monster that the media, detectives, DA, try to make me.

Also, I'm very blessed to have supporters out there update me with petition comments/video comments. I feel the support even behind walls. It is truly a blessing. My case is extremely political & racial. This was made by the detectives and the DA's office. I want to EXPRESS that no matter what your political view is, your race, your background, your upbringing, if you support me I thank you with all my heart! Politics did play in my case, absolutely it did! With that said, politics is controversial and a “touchy” subject. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to do so, but I want to make it clear that the fight is against the injustice, detectives, DA's office, etc. I want to make sure we come together as ONE.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for the strong, passionate support for my innocence. Supporters continue to grow each day. If it's sharing a link or video on social media, or it's liking an article, just in general, thank you for keeping my story alive!!!

From my heart,

Daniel Holtzclaw