Holtzclaw Accuser Florene Mathis arrested for robbery, drugs, conspiracy and preventing her elderly victim from calling 911.

6/15/2018 - OKC, OK -- A Holtzclaw accuser has been arrested, along with three others, for the assault and robbery of an elderly woman in the parking lot of her senior citizens center as retaliation for the woman calling police on a separate incident earlier that day.

Florene Mathis, 57, using the alias "Lynn Gibson" was arrested yesterday on criminal complaints of conspiracy to commit a felony, interfering with an emergency 911 call, possession of drug paraphernalia, public drunkenness, and robbery in the first degree.

According to court records, the victim, an elderly female, was sitting on a stool attached to her walker in a parking space at the Wyatt F. Jeltz Senior Citizens Center, 1225 N. Kate in OKC, when she got into an argument with 52-year-old Anthony Wiley. 

Wiley reportedly yelled at the woman and demanded she move so he could park his truck. When the elderly woman refused, Wiley proceeded to back his truck into the parking space anyway - striking the woman.

As the victim called police to report the assault, Wiley fled the scene. Police were reportedly unable to locate the truck or Wiley at that time. 

Around 7:40 p.m. police received a second 911 call to the same senior citizen's center - this time for a robbery.

When police arrived, they made contact with the same elderly female who had been struck by the truck, earlier that same day.

The victim told police that she had been "jumped" by two black females and that the women stole her new iPhone and were driving a red Jeep SUV with a broken window covered in plastic. The victim told police that during the robbery, one of the women told her, "Go ahead, call the cops now bitch!" The victim told police she was punched in the face, neck and back by her assailants prior to having her phone taken.

This time when the victim called police, they were able to spot the suspect's vehicle, still in the area, and followed it to a convenience store - where police initiated a traffic stop. The red Jeep pulled into a parking space next to a truck that matched the description of the truck that had struck the elderly victim earlier that day. The truck was later confirmed to belong to Wiley. Driving the red SUV was 34-yeard-old Carolyn "Anderson" Howard. Wiley was sitting in the passenger seat. 

A quick thinking police officer dialed the phone number of the stolen iPhone while they were questioning Howard and Wiley. One of the two phones in Wiley's pocket began to ring. Wiley told police that the phone belonged to his son. The phone was later positively identified as the phone stolen from the elderly woman.

As police were mirandizing Howard as a suspect in the phone robbery, Howard reportedly snitched out two black females who were walking out of the convenience store and told police those were the women who robbed the elderly woman of her phone and gave it to Wiley.

Police detained the two women. The women identified themselves as 34-year-old Elizabeth Jenkins and 57-year-old "Lynn Gibson." It was later learned that "Gibson" is actually Florene Mathis.

Antonio "Anthony" Wiley, Elizabeth Jenkins, Carolyn Howard & Florene Mathis. 

Antonio "Anthony" Wiley, Elizabeth Jenkins, Carolyn Howard & Florene Mathis. 

Police noted in their report that Mathis smelled of alcohol. As police were detaining Mathis for public drunkenness she told officers she had a small amount of crack cocaine in her pocket. Police then located a small vile of crack cocaine. Mathis also admitted to officers that she had a crack pipe inside Wiley's truck.

The elderly victim was transported to the scene, where she positively identified Mathis and Jenkins as the two women who assaulted and robbed her. The victim also identified Wiley as the driver of the truck in the first incident and Howard as the driver of the red Jeep during the assault.

All four suspects are currently being detained in the Oklahoma County Jail.

Mathis Florene Lynn Mugshot Holtzclaw Accuser.jpg

Mathis is being held on an $84,500 bond.

In Aug. of 2016, Mathis pleaded guilty to felony possession of CDS (PCP) and was sentenced to six-years in prison. Obviously Mathis didn't even serve half of that time before being released back onto the streets.

In 2014 Mathis pleaded guilty to felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and was sentenced to two-years in prison and two-years of probation.

Under the name "Florence", Mathis has an Oklahoma Department of Corrections record that includes convictions and prison sentences for possession of CDS, aggravated assault and battery, assault and battery upon a police officer, drug paraphernalia, forgery, receiving stolen property, and escape from confinement. 

You will recall that Mathis accused former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw of forcing her to expose her breasts and groping her while on duty in March of 2014 during a traffic stop.

Mathis' allegation resulted in one felony charge of sexual battery (count 7 of 36).

Holtzclaw was found 'not guilty' of Mathis' allegation.

Holtzclaw is currently serving a 263-year sentence after being found guilty of 18 of 36 of the felony counts against him.

Holtzclaw is currently appealing his conviction.

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