Holtzclaw accuser, Syrita Bowen, dismissed from federal civil lawsuit

1/26/2017 - OKC, OK -- A woman who accused former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw of rape has been dismissed from a federal civil rights lawsuit due to her non-compliance with court orders.

According to an order filed yesterday in federal court, plaintiff Syrita Bowen has been dismissed with prejudice "based on the failure of Ms. Bowen to respond to defendants' discovery requests since August 5, 2016, and to comply with the court's October 13, 2016, order to appear by new counsel."

Bowen's former attorney was granted his motion to withdraw after Bowen apparently told him she no longer wanted him representing her.

Bowen was given until January 23, 2017 to appear in court with a new attorney or representing herself.

Bowen made no attempt to comply with this week's deadline.

A dismissal with prejudice means there is still a chance she could be added back to the lawsuit at a later date if she is able to convince the court she has a valid reason for her previous non-compliance.

Bowen was one of thirteen women who testified against Daniel Holtzclaw during his 2015 jury trial. Holtzclaw was convicted of the allegations of eight of his accusers and sentenced to 263 years in prison.

Accuser Syrita Bowen after testifying against Daniel Holtzclaw at his preliminary hearing.

Twelve of Holtzclaw's 13 accusers have filed federal civil rights lawsuits, seeking monetary damages.

Most of those cases are set for trial later this year.

Bowen accused Holtzclaw of stopping her on the night of May 21, 2014 and taking her to the area of NE 13th St. and Miramar Blvd. - a stretch of road referred to by locals as 'Dead Man's Curve.'

Bowen claims that Holtzclaw forced her to perform oral sex upon him and then vaginally raped her.

Though no direct forensic evidence or witnesses were presented by the prosecution, Holtzclaw was convicted of Bowen's claims and sentenced to 46-years on her two allegations alone.

Bowen is described in court documents as a felon drug addict with a lengthy criminal record - including allegations of violent and non-violent crimes.

No word if Bowen will be ordered to reimburse the attorney fees for the defendants named in her lawsuit; Daniel Holtzclaw, OCPD Chief Bill Citty, sex crimes detective Rocky Gregory, Kyle Bennett and the City of Oklahoma City.