Protective Order Issued Against Holtzclaw accuser, Shardayreon Hill; Couple who adopted her children 'feared for their safety'

A victim's protective order has been issued against a high profile Holtzclaw accuser after she repeatedly harassed and traumatized the children she lost custody of and the loving couple who adopted them. was in the courtroom this morning in Cleveland County for a scheduled hearing regarding a victim's protective ordered filed against Holtzclaw accuser Shardayreon Hill, 24.

11th & Youngest Holtzclaw Accuser Files Federal Lawsuit Seeking Cash; Pleads Guilty Today in OK Court for Violent Crimes

This is a big court week for the youngest accuser in the Daniel Holtzclaw case – she is the 11th alleged victim to file a civil lawsuit seeking a big payout – AND – today she pleaded guilty in an Oklahoma court in two separate violent crime cases.

According to court records, 19-year-old Adaira Gardner filed a new lawsuit in federal court last Tuesday against Holtzclaw and four others.

KOCO Aired a Completely One-Sided 'Chronicle' of the Daniel Holtzclaw Investigation and Trial

On April 5, reporter Erielle Reshef presented a completely one-sided version of the Daniel Holtzclaw allegations, investigation and trial. This four-part series is basically a PR piece for the city of Oklahoma City, investigators and prosecutors – not once does the reporter provide a defense perspective or even challenge blatant lies being perpetrated by the prosecution.

Fortunately, I’ve watched all four-parts and have provided a breakdown of the fairytale KOCO Ch5 and reporter Erielle Reshef presented as hard hitting investigative journalism…