Reaction: Hunting Holtzclaw series by The Oklahoman - Chapter Four | The Reckoning

Chapter four attempts to wrap-up The Oklahoman's series by taking the reader from the Ligons traffic stop, through the investigation, to Holtzclaw's arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing and a whole 'where are they now' for Detectives Davis and Gregory - and all in less than 1,800 words. So, naturally, reporter Kemp is going to be glossing over, well..... everything important.

The 'Perfect Victim' Myth; A profile concocted by investigators

If people claim to know one thing about the Daniel Holtzclaw case, it's that he used his position as a police officer to target and prey upon the most vulnerable within our society. Specifically, black females with a history of drug addiction and/or prostitution.

And how do we know this? Because investigators, prosecutors, activists groups and the media continually forward that assertion into the public discussion.

And this assertion has been accepted by a public who has never once questioned its origin. And really, why would they? All thirteen accusers who resulted in criminal charges against Holtzclaw are indeed black females. All but one of the accusers has a recent criminal history, or self-disclosure, related to drug addiction or prostitution.

But, that very question - "Where did the 'perfect victim' profile come from?" - is one of the very first questions I asked myself when I agreed to be a part of the Daniel Holtzclaw defense team.

If indeed Holtzclaw was guilty, then a victim profile would certainly be expected. But doubting the 'perfect victim' profile isn't a matter of believing in Holtzclaw's guilt or innocence. I question the 'perfect victim' profile because of how quickly it emerged in the investigation and how little credible evidence there was to support it.