Daniel Holtzclaw Now

(last updated 4/25/2016) -- Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted of 18 criminal counts and sentenced to 263 years in prison in an Oklahoma County courtroom on Jan. 21, 2016. Within 72-hours Holtzclaw was transported from the Oklahoma County Jail to the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections - specifically, the Lexington, OK assessment and transfer center. Within 48-hours of his arrival, Holtzclaw was transported again - this time to an undisclosed prison facility. Holtzclaw can be imprisoned in Oklahoma or outside of Oklahoma.

Holtzclaw's family, close friends and myself remain in regular telephone contact with him. Holtzclaw has had visitation with his close family and girlfriend.

Holtzclaw's integration into the prison system and interactions with other inmates and staff have so far been uneventful. Holtzclaw is in a safe environment while he awaits the appeal process.

Holtzclaw repeatedly expresses his thanks and gratitude to all of his supporters - most of whom he has never met.

The appeal process is a painfully slow one. Currently his appellant lawyers are waiting for the completion of the trial transcripts. The appeal process really cannot begin until those transcripts have been received and throughly looked over.

It is estimated the transcripts may be completed around Aug. 2016.

How you can show your support for Daniel Holtzclaw:

  1. Daniel's sister, Jennifer Holtzclaw maintains her own website regarding her brother. (link)
  2. You can make a monetary donation to Holtzclaw's appeal fund at this link on Jenny Holtzclaw's website.
  3. Sign the petition drafted by Holtzclaw supporters. (link)