Factoid: 01

(last updated 7/26/2017) Daniel Holtzclaw received 62 years in prison on the allegations of accuser Sherry Ellis. That is the most number of years Holtzclaw was sentenced to as a result of any one accuser.

Ellis, 39 at the time of the alleged incident, is a black female drug addict and convicted felon prostitute.

Ellis told police that she was sexually assaulted on the evening of May 7, 2014 by an Oklahoma City police officer she described as "short" and "black."

Holtzclaw stands 6' 2" tall and is pale in complexion.

Holtzclaw's trial concluded in De.c of 2015.

In Oct. of 2016, Oklahoma City police officer Alexander Edwards was arrested after it was learned he had solicited prostitution from a black female prostitute and had warned her about an ongoing national sting in Oklahoma City targeting prostitution and human trafficking offenders. Edwards was eventually criminally charged with felony computer crimes, soliciting prostitution and obstruction.

Further information obtained by Holtzclawtrial.com indicated Edwards has a long history of consorting with known prostitutes.

Like Holtzclaw, Edwards also works for the Springlake Division of the Oklahoma City police department.

Edwards is described as a black male, with a large build and stands only 5' 9" tall.

According to the trial transcript in Holtzclaw's case, Edwards was on duty on the day Ellis claims she was attacked and was patrolling only a few blocks away from where Ellis claims her assaulted occurred.

Detective Davis testified that she identified that Edwards was working on the night of Ellis' alleged assault, but court testimony indicates that she dismissed any thought that he could be involved and didn't even bother to check his patrol car GPS/AVL.

Davis testified that she based her conclusion on the fact that Edwards did not run Ellis through his computer database and was supposed to be patrolling east of I-35 and Ellis' alleged assault happened west of I-35.

I should be noted that the location of Ellis' alleged rape is only a couple of blocks from I-35 and the area where Edwards was patrolling.

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