Factoid: 02

(Last updated 1/18/2017) Law enforcement and prosecutors claims that Terri Morris was the first Holtzclaw accuser to come forward with allegations of sexual assault. 

In reality, Morris is a 43 year old homeless drug addict and prostitute who suffers from mental illness. Morris only claimed to be a sexual assault victim after police were called to her location and she faced arrest for public intoxication and destroying private property.

Morris initially told Detective Rocky Gregory a date, location and specific details that made it impossible for her to have been assaulted by Holtzclaw. Only after Det. Gregory suggested a different date and location (that would match up to Holtzclaw) did Morris change her story.

In an attempt to make Morris' story more credible, Detective Davis showed Morris a photo lineup containing the photographs of several Oklahoma City police officers - including Daniel Hotlzclaw.

Morris was unable to positively identify Holtzclaw as her alleged attacker.

Detective Gregory knew when he constructed the photo lineup that another officer had come into contact with Morris around the time she claimed to have been assaulted - That officer is Jeff Sellers.

Sellers made the news in 2006 when it was revealed that he had been having sex with prostitutes, while on duty, and in his patrol car.

Sellers was initially fired from the police department, but was later rehired and subsequently allowed to patrol areas of Oklahoma City known for the persistent presence of street prostitutes.

Detective Gregory gave no reason as to why he intentionally left Sellers' photo out of the lineup.

After Morris was unable to identify Holtzclaw in the photo lineup, Det. Gregory then showed her two photographs of two different types of patrol cars OCPD utilizes.

Morris positively identified the older, more common patrol car as the vehicle her attacker was driving.

In reality, Holtzclaw had been assigned the more rare, newer style patrol car.

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Holtzclaw was found 'not guilty' of Morris allegations.

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