Factoid: 03

(Last updated 1/18/2017) Photo lineups are a very standard investigative tool used by law enforcement agencies all over the world on a daily basis for both misdemeanor and felony crimes.

However, that common tool was abandoned early on by Oklahoma City police department sex crimes detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory in the Daniel Holtzclaw case.

The first accuser to be labeled a 'Holtzclaw victim' was 43-year-old homeless drug addict and prostitute Terri Morris.

Morris was shown a photo lineup containing the picture of Holtzclaw. Morris was unable to positively identify Holtzclaw as her alleged attacker.

Jannie Ligons was the second individual identified as a so-called 'Holtzclaw victim.' However, she described her attacker as short, with blond hair, unclear skin and 35-45 years old.

Because that physical description did not match Daniel Holtzclaw, Det. Davis feared Ligons, like Morris, would be unable to pick Holtzclaw out of a photo lineup. 

According to an official OCPD investigative report, Det. Davis told the officer who prepared the photo lineup that was intended for Ligons that, "[Det. Davis] was not happy with the lineup" and wanted to "discuss other options."

You can read an excerpt from the police report below...