Factoid: 04

(Last updated 1/18/2017) A perfect example of the unprofessional and misleading investigative techniques by Oklahoma City sex crimes detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory can be seen in the case file of Holtzclaw accuser Carla Raines.

Det. Gregory's official investigative report, dated 8/15/2014, is depicted below...

The report above reads like many of the reports in the case files used against former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

And, like many of the reports, often what is type written does not match what was actually said or the context in which it was stated by individuals the state later labeled as 'Holtzclaw victims.'

Fortunately, in this case we have a clear audio tape of the interview from which the report above originated.

Below is a segment from the Michelle Malkin Investigates documentary "Daniel in the Den: the truth about the Holtzclaw case." In this clip you can clearly hear accuser Carla Raines deny seven times being a victim and Det. Rocky Gregory spoon feeding Raines what to accuse Holtzclaw of.

You will also notice in the original report above, Det. Gregory tells individuals up front that he already believes they are victims of sexual assault by an Oklahoma City police officer.

You can watch the entirety of this documentary at CRTV.com.

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