Daniel Holtzclaw Case FACTOIDS

(Last updated 2/13/2017) HoltzclawTrial.com began it's Factoid series in January of 2017. It started with one or two social media meme type graphics that point out some interested facts regarding the allegations and investigation into the Daniel Holtzclaw criminal case.

Some people have felt the need to suggest that I'm using the wrong word and that the definition of 'factoid' is "an invented fact believed to be true because it appears in print." Which was the only and accurate definition when the word was was coined in 1973 by Norman Mailer. However, a second definition was added by Merriam-Webster after 'factoids' began appearing in television and print in the 1980's and 1990's that were meant to be real facts, but mostly trivial on their own. The updated definition of 'factoid' now also includes; "a briefly stated and usually trivial fact." *Link to the complete Merriam-Webster definition.

This second definition fits perfectly for our intended usage. Each Factoid on it's own, while interesting and telling, is mostly trivial in context of the entire case. However, when you combine enough of the trivial factoids, you get an undeniable sense of a very real concern for the quality of evidence and investigative techniques utilized by law enforcement and prosecutors.

Below are the four original Factoids with links to their individual home pages. More Factoids will be added as they are created.