Daniel Holtzclaw's Patrol Car GPS (AVL)

(last updated 4/25/2016) -- Much has been made by investigators, prosecutors, the media and individuals about Daniel Holtzclaw's patrol car GPS - actually referred to in trial as AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) and how it allegedly supports Holtzclaw's guilt.

I've personally never understood why so many people put so much emphasis on the GPS archives from a prosecutorial standpoint. In reality, the GPS is only evidentiary when it comes to disputing anyone whose account is not support for the GPS/AVL data.

Daniel Holtzclaw has always admitted he came into contact with each one of the 13 accusers who resulted in criminal charges. And, each of the 13 accusers claims they too came into contact with Daniel Holtzclaw. The GPS archives from Holtzclaw's patrol car support both sides in this instance - as the GPS validates both Holtzclaw and the accusers.

Example: If you are pulled over today by a police officer while driving home, their will be a GPS archive showing where the officer stopped and how long he was stopped. If you both agree the stop happened on a specific date and at a specific time, the GPS only adds credibility to each of your recollections. However, if you decide to claim that the officer who stopped you also sexually assaulted you, how in the world would that same GPS prove or disprove if any crime whatsoever was committed?

Beyond that, the only evidentiary value of the GPS is to show each and every time one of the 13 accusers lied - AND/OR - to provide circumstantial evidence as to any behaviors (in this case transports of accusers by Holtzclaw) to secondary locations that require further explanation.

Time and time again investigators and prosecutors have insisted that all of the accusers accounts regarding when and where they were with Holtzclaw and any alleged incriminating behavior were spot on with Holtzclaw's patrol car GPS. The fact is, that is not even close to the truth.


  1. Det. Rocky Gregory claimed that accuser Morris was able to retrace some extensive zig-zag driving pattern Holtzclaw took after sexually assaulting her. To the contrary, the recorded interview clearly has Morris giving an extremely vague account of their route. In addition, the GPS shows no extensive zig-zag pattern even existed.
  2. Accuser Morris alleged that after being taken on an extensive zig-zag route through a NE side neighborhood she was dropped off at NE 26 and N. Kelley Avenue. What was never reported by the media is that Daniel Holtzclaw's GPS clearly showed that he never stopped and never drove slower than 19 MPH between NE 28th and NW 23rd - which means either Morris jumped out of the car while it was moving, or, she lied. Daniel Holtzclaw was found not guilty of Morris' allegations.
  3. Accuser Ellis (who also swore under oath her attacker was a short black man) claims she was taken to an abandoned school (actually a city park), that Daniel Holtzclaw stopped his patrol car, removed her, bent her over and raped her for at least ten minutes before leaving. In reality, Holtzclaw's GPS shows he was only in the area of the school yard for a couple of minutes and never stopped his patrol car. If the GPS is to be believed, then it backs up Holtzclaw's version of events and proves Ellis to be a liar. Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty of Ellis' allegations.
  4. Accuser Copeland claims that Daniel Holtzclaw followed her to a residence, pulled up to the driveway, had her get into his patrol car, he drove around the block (3 right hand turns), parked on the shoulder, removed her from his patrol car and raped her. Holtzclaw's GPS clearly shows he never drove down her street and never drove around the corner she claims and therefore never parked on the shoulder and raped her. Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty of Copeland's allegations.