Reaction to The Oklahoman's Series 'Hunting Holtzclaw'

On May 15, 2016 Oklahoma's largest newspaper, The Oklahoman, began a four-part series entitled 'Hunting Holtzclaw.' The series is a long-form, one-sided narrative look at the investigation into the sexual assault allegations against then Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw. In June, wrote a four-part reaction series in response to The Oklahoman's series. You can read my thoughts below...

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As I feared, when I first learned of The Oklahoman's plans to publish a long-form series regarding the Holtzclaw case, they took an extremely biased and one-sided approach. While I understand reporter Adam Kemp's focus was on the detectives and not an attempt to re-hash all of the details of the case - reporter Kemp never makes a single attempt to question or point out any of the shortcomings of the accusers and allegations against Holtzclaw. It is beyond me as to how you can profile the detectives of such a high profile investigation and yet ignore every single misstep they made throughout the case.

Though The Oklahoman and reporter Kemp will never admit it, it is obvious this serious was simply an attempt to pander to the public, law enforcement and the Oklahoma County District Attorneys office.

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