Michelle Malkin's Full Interview with Oklahoma City Police Detectives Kim Davis & Rocky Gregory

Late last year, syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin sat down and interviewed the two lead sex crimes detectives who were instrumental in investigating the sexual assault allegations against former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw - detective Kim Davis (now retired) and detective Rocky Gregory (now with the homicide unit).

Malkin's interview with detectives Davis and Gregory plays a key role in her premiere episode of Michelle Malkin Investigates - an online based conservative leaning investigative journalism and news show available exclusively to subscribers of CRTV.com.

Davis' and Gregory's work resulted in the filing of 36 criminal charges, on behalf of 13 alleged female victims, against then Oklahoma City police patrol officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

In the Michelle Malkin Investigates episode, entitled 'Daniel in the Den; the truth about the Holtzclaw case', both Davis and Gregory quickly take on the role of the bumbling detectives who, as Davis admitted on camera, don't even have the technical savvy to record a victim's statement on their mobile phone. So inept are the portrayals of Davis and Gregory, that Malkin has since published two followup articles expanding on the gross mishandling of this case and the DNA evidence that was so confidently touted by law enforcement and prosecutors. (1/4/2017: Forensic Nightmare: The perils of touch DNA and 1/10/2017: DNA Deception: What the Daniel Holtzclaw jury never heard.

The edited depiction of Davis and Gregory has led some naysayers - including representatives of the Oklahoma City police department - to decry their depiction as unfair, bias and intentionally misleading.

In answer to that assertion, Malkin has released the entire unedited version of her interview with Davis and Gregory so the public can judge for themselves.

Below is the two-hour unedited interview with detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory.



Having watched the entirety of the video above, I wanted to take the time to address some of Davis and Gregory's comments, based on my thorough knowledge of this case.