Involved Individuals

(last updated 4/17/2016)

Below is a working list of those individuals who have been named in discovery materials, media reports or identified at trial as having a direct or indirect role in the Daniel Holtzclaw accusations, investigation or trial.


Daniel Holtzclaw


Indirectly Involved 3rd Parties:

Rickey Lavance Christopher: DOB 6/25/1989, identified as the live-in boyfriend of Marisha Ligons (Accuser Jannie Ligons’ daughter). Violent convicted felon. Was living with Marisha Ligons, Marisha’s two children, Jannie Ligons and Jannie Ligons’ boyfriend of 20-years when Ligons claims she was sexually assaulted by Daniel Holtzclaw.
Criminal History:
12/31/2015 charged in OK County with arson in the 1st. (link)
12/18/2015 charged in OK County with domestic assault and battery. (link)
6/6/2014 convicted in OK County of possession of cocaine, attempting to elude a police officer and driving without a license. (link)

Oklahoma City Police Dept.:

Det. Rocky Gregory – Sex Crimes Unit (lead detective). Mayor role.
Det. Kim Davis – Sex Crimes Unit (lead detective). Major Role.
David Jehle (first assigned 9/12/2014)
Assisted lead detectives as directed. Minor role.
Timothy Muzny – Sex Crimes Unit. Supervisor. Major Role.
Chief Kuhlman
Supervisory role.
Major Wenzel
Supervisory role.
Captain Bacy
Supervisory role.
Det. V. Homan – Sex Crimes Unit.
Det. R. High – Sex Crimes Unit.
Det. N. Cannon – Sex Crimes Unit.