Accuser Jannie Ligons

Jannie Pearl Ligons, 57 at the time, was the catalyst accuser of the Daniel Holtzclaw criminal case. Often referred to as "the wrong grandmother for Holtzclaw to assault" -- prosecutors, the media and activist groups alike continuously try to portray her as the traditional grandma above reproach. 

In reality, she was a grandmother like no other that many of us have ever know. 

Ligons was no senior spending her time retired at home, doting over the grandkids while pies made from scratch baked in the oven.

Ligons, at the time, had been evicted from her prior residence and was shacking up with her boyfriend in her adult daughter's tiny apartment - where her daughter lived with her unemployed violent felon boyfriend and her own two young children.

While Ligons had no official criminal record, she had been arrested decades before inside a residence that was manufacturing crack cocaine. Around that same time her driver's license was revoked and she never bothered to seek its reinstatement - though she gave no thought to driving without a license nor insurance on a regular basis.

Ligons spent the hours before she encountered Holtzclaw admittedly smoking dope and taking pain medicine at a man's home until 2 a.m. - a man her boyfriend admits he didn't know personally.

But, to a media with an agenda, Ligons is simply the sweet little grandmother that bravely stood up to Holtzclaw.

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