Jannie Ligons Traffic Stop Surveillance Video

6/23/2015 – by Brian Bates — The only eyewitness to the traffic stop and alleged sexual assault by OKC police officer Daniel Holtzclaw upon Jannie Ligons is the grainy security camera footage below.

Somewhere in this 15-minute clip lies the truth….. Either Daniel Holtzclaw is an innocent man now serving life behind bars or he’s a serial sexual predator who used his badge to target women by night on Oklahoma City’s impoverished northeast side.

Below is a Google Earth map to help you orient where the security camera is located in relation to Holtzclaw and Ligons.

In the video above, you are looking to the southwest of the Old Surety Life Insurance Building – located at 5102 Beverly.

You will notice that the timestamp on the video is June 18, 2014 at 2:02 a.m. and the traffic stop has already initiated.

The Old Surety Life Insurance Bldg. is equipped with 32 security cameras. This footage in particular is reportedly from camera #21.

According to court records, the security camera system must be manually rebooted daily at 2 a.m. by a security guard. This building utilizes off-duty police officers as security personnel.

On June 17, 2014 OCPD Sgt. Walters began  his 12-hour shift at 7 p.m. and will remain on duty until 7 a.m. the day of the alleged assault.

Despite Sgt. Walters being on-duty and manually rebooting the security camera system, he apparently had no idea there was a traffic stop going on directly in front of the building he was providing security for – or, he did take notice of the stop but his version of events didn’t match that of the investigators and prosecutors.

At first glance the video probably seems pretty useless.

However, this video actually provides some interesting details.

A timeframe that matches Holtzclaw’s interrogation video where he estimates the stop to have occurred right after 2 a.m. and lasted about 15-minutes.
If you look closely you can see movement of individuals. This movement places people at certain spots for a certain length of time and in a specific sequence. The video matches Holtzclaw’s interrogation video and Ligons’ basic assertions where it is detailed that Holtzclaw approaches Ligons, moves her to the back of his patrol car, returns to Ligons’ vehicle, briefly searches it and then returns to Ligons for the duration.
The video also backs up both Ligons and Holtzclaw when each asserted Holtzclaw used his flashlight during the stop.
At the end of the video you see the one discrepancy that can be proven – though admittedly its a minor one. Ligons reported that after her alleged sexual assault that she returned to her vehicle and that she pulled into a parking spot and then turned her vehicle around. That statement does not appear to be true. In the video, Ligons simply pulls her vehicle forward and makes a u-turn.
The video also matches both Ligons’ and Holtzclaw’s assertion that Holtzclaw did not wait to follow Ligons and became impatient, made a u-turn and left the area.

The fact that the truth behind the Ligons traffic stop and alleged sexual assault remains cloaked in darkness makes this video an extremely valuable piece of evidence should technology ever be able to extract more details.