On May 15, 2016 Oklahoma's largest newspaper, The Oklahoman, began a four-part series entitled 'Hunting Holtzclaw.' The series is a long-form, one-sided narrative look at the investigation into the sexual assault allegations against then Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw. In June, wrote a four-part reaction series in response to The Oklahoman's series. You can read that here;

  1. Reaction: Hunting Holtzclaw Chapter One 
  2. Reaction: Hunting Holtzclaw Chapter Two 
  3. Reaction: Hunting Holtzclaw Chapter Three
  4. Reaction: Hunting Holtzclaw Chapter Four

Last updated 3/27/2016 Still a Work-in-Progress

Throughout the investigation into Daniel Holtzclaw’s alleged assaults, prosecution and conviction, the media has pretty much only reported one side of this story and has conveniently left out each and every misstep by Oklahoma City Police Sex Crimes Detectives and prosecutors with the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office.

Below is a timeline of some of those local, national and international reports.

Oklahoman – Man dies after Oklahoma City police, family try to subdue him. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Man arrested after allegedly attacking officer, trying to grab gun. (link)


Oklahoman – More victims are possible on Oklahoma City sex crime case. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – New Details: OKC police officer accused of numerous sex crimes. (link)

Enid News – Column: Daniel Holtzclaw deserves presumption of innocence (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Police officer accused of sexually assaulting women fights for lower bond. (link)

Oklahoman – Bail reduced from $5 million to $500,000 for Oklahoma City police officer. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Judge cuts bond for OKC police officer accused of sex crimes. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – GoFundMe drops page of OKC police officer accused of rape. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – New: Oklahoma City police officer accused of sex crimes bonds out of jail. (link)

Oklahoman – Hunted by night: Oklahoma City police officer accused of series of sexual assaults. (link)

Oklahoman – Oklahoma City police officer charged with 10 additional sex crimes. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – OKC police officer accused of sex crimes facing 10 additional charges. (link)

Oklahoman – Group gathers in protest of accused Oklahoma City officer Daniel Hotlzclaw. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – More alleged victims come forward in case against Oklahoma City police officer accused of sex crimes. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – OKC police officer accused of sex crimes released from jail for second time. (link)

Oklahoman – Police officer Daniel Hotlzclaw released on bond after two weeks in Oklahoma County jail. (link)

Oklahoman – Three new alleged victims spur more sex crime charges against Oklahoma City police officer. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – District Attorney files additional charges against OKC officer accused of sex crimes. (link)

Oklahoman – Women say Oklahoma officer sexually assaulted them. (link)

Oklahoman – Preliminary hearing set for Oklahoma City officer. (link)

Oklahoman – Preliminary hearing for Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw is underway. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Officer accused of sex crimes sees support from hometown but not from fellow officers. (link)

Accused Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Hotlzclaw has been bound over for trial, a judge ruled Tuesday. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Judge decides Oklahoma City police officer accused of sex crimes will go to trial. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Update: OKC police officer accused of sex crimes back in court Tuesday. (link)


Jurors view video of accused former OKC police officer’s interrogation. (link)

Jurors in fired Oklahoma City police officer’s trial see remainder of videotaped interrogation. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – “I’m fully confident

Oklahoman – Holtzclaw trial: Video from the courthouse. (link)

Oklahoman – Article photos: Fired OKC police officer is convicted of offenses against eight victims. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Jury: Former OKC police officer found guilty on 18 counts. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – “This is what we waited patiently for,” Oklahoma County Courthouse filled with emotion after Holtzclaw verdict. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Holtzclaw sobs, stares down jury after found guilty in 18 of 36 sexual assault charges. (link)

Oklahoman – Fired Oklahoma City police officer is convicted of offenses against either victims. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – “There’s hope for our society,” Victims, attorneys speak about Holtzclaw case. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Breakdown: How the jury decided in case of former OKC officer convicted of sex crimes. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Sheriff: Former officer convicted of sex charges on suicide watch. (link)


Oklahoman – Fired Oklahoma City police officer given maximum prison sentence for sex crimes. (link)

Oklahoman – Video: Daniel Holtzclaw’s police interrogation released. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – ‘You made up everything, to try and help her out?’ Woman charged for falsely accusing Daniel Holtzclaw. (link)

KOCO Ch5 – Friends, strangers standing behind Daniel Holtzclaw despite rape convictions. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – Holtzclaw juror shares why they decided on guilty verdict. (link) – Who is Daniel Holtzclaw (link to cached version)
The original article was pulled within hours of its posting. The article was replaced with a note from SB Nation’s editorial director Spencer Hall. (link)

02/19/2016 – SB Nation memo announces hiatus for longford program. (link)

03/02/2016 – After Daniel Holtzclaw story, SB Nation fires editor & reporter, puts longford articles on hiatus. (link)

KFOR Ch4 – “I just feel really betrayed,” Holtzclaw victim upset over earlier complaint. (link)

KOKH Fox25 – Civil lawsuit filed against Daniel Holtzclaw, City of OKC. (link)

Oklahoman – Oklahoma City, police department are sued over convicted ex-officer. (link) – Convicted ex-cop’s rape victims file lawsuit alleging Oklahoma City officials ignored earlier complaint. (link)

Oklahoman – Film on Holtzclaw case sets to premiere in Oklahoma City. (link) – Daniel Holtzclaw assaulted woman months before first reported incident, attorney says. (link)

KOKH Fox25 – Newly obtained documents cast doubt on parts of Holtzclaw civil suit. (link)

Oklahoma City’s “Video Vigilante” explains why he believes convicted rapist cop Daniel Holtzclaw is innocent. (link)

03/23/2016 – Woman who spoke out against Oklahoma cop honored by Delta Sigma Theta. (link)

04/11/2016 – KOCO Chronicle: The investigation, conviction of Daniel Holtzclaw. (link) reaction article. (link)