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Below is my attempt to compile and address much of the misinformation I’ve seen reported in the news and on social media.

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Demetria Campbell was the first Holtzclaw sexual assault victim. Campbell reported the sexual assault and the OKC Police Dept. ‘did nothing.’ FALSE

Response: Demetria Campbell filed a police report against Holtzclaw on 11/5/2013 for use of excessive force. Campbell also filed a tort claim against the City of OKC on 11/3/2014 (a year later). That tort claim was denied by the City.

In both the police report and original tort claim, Campbell made no reference to any sexual impropriety on Holtzclaw’s part whatsoever.

However, after Campbell became aware of the sexual assault investigation and criminal charges against Holtzclaw, she added the sexual assault allegations to the civil lawsuit she filed in July of 2015 (over a year and a half after she encountered Holtzclaw).

HoltzclawTrial.com has twice now reported on this topic.
a. 3/7/2016 – Two more Holtzclaw ‘victims’ added to federal lawsuit: A closer look (link)
b. 3/8/2016 – Exclusive: Court records show attorneys for Holtzclaw accusers misled the public in yesterday’s press conference. (link)

Holtzclaw turned off his patrol car’s dash cam during the alleged assaults. FALSE

Response: The public assumes that all police cars are equipped with dash cams that record an officer’s actions. In reality, no Oklahoma City police patrol cars have dash cams. This is something OKC Police Chief Bill Citty has chosen not to provide to his officers even though they increase officer and public safety and lessen liability.

Holtzclaw was convicted of raping 13 OKC women. FALSE

Response: This is a common myth being perpetrated by prosecutors, the media and activist groups in their attempt to re-write history. 

While Holtzclaw was criminally charged based on the allegations of 13 women, only 9 of the accusers alleged rape (oral or vaginal sex). The rest made allegations of being forced to expose themselves or being groped during a search of their body. Of those 9, Holtzclaw was only convicted of 6 of their rape assertions.

Of the 13 accusers who resulted in criminal charges, Holtzclaw was acquitted of the allegations of 5 of them. 

Additionally, of the 36 criminal counts, Hotlzclaw was acquitted of 18 - or 50%.

Holtzclaw was given the maximum prison sentence. FALSE

Response: The jury actually recommended (and the judge imposed) prison sentences far less than the state maximum allowed per charge – which was life in prison on several of the counts. The longest sentence imposed on an individual count against Holtzclaw was 30-years.

The DNA belonging to accuser Gardner was transferred to Holtzclaw’s uniform pants via vaginal secretions/fluid. FALSE

Response: The prosecution’s DNA expert testified at trial that the DNA recovered was simply skin cells and that they have no way of knowing from what part of Gardner’s body those skin cells came from or how they were transferred to Holtzclaw’s uniform.

In addition, the prosecution’s DNA expert also testified that Gardner’s DNA could have been transferred to Holtzclaw’s uniform pants via ‘secondary transfer’ or ‘touch DNA’ – meaning that Gardner never actually ever came into direct contact with Holtzclaw’s pants. An excellent article regarding secondary transfer and touch DNA was published Nov. 9, 2015 in Forensic Magazine (link). *Check back for an in-depth article addressing the DNA aspect of this case in the future.

One of the most vocal groups who is intentionally spreading misinformation and lies is OKC Artists For Justice (Twitter, Facebook), as evident in much of their social media postings…

One accuser is reported (by prosecutors) to have been able to describe in detail how Holtzclaw drove her around the NE side of Oklahoma City in a zig-zag pattern. Something she wouldn’t have know had she not been in the car with Holtzclaw and Holtzclaw had no reason to do this. Mostly False

Response: COMING SOON (4/1/2016)

Holtzclaw was removed from the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections website, therefore he either is no longer incarcerated or is receiving special treatment. FALSE

Response: While it is true that Holtzclaw’s profile initially appeared on the DOC website and has since been removed, there is nothing nefarious, illegal, or improper about it.

Holtzclaw’s location is being kept private for three reasons and three reasons only; His personal safety, the safety of other prisoners and the safety of prison staff.

Holtzclaw is a high profile inmate that is not only a former police officer but is also serving time for allegedly sexually assaulting minority females. Those two distinctions put him at a particularly higher risk for being targeted and assaulted within the prison system.

While many within the public, that believe Holtzclaw to be guilty, do not care about his personal wellbeing, the DOC has a responsibility to act reasonably to ensure all inmate’s safety.

Of even greater concern is the safety of other inmates and prison staff that might get caught up in or try to intervene should an altercation between Holtzclaw and other inmates occur.

Keeping Holtzclaw’s whereabout unpublished is necessary to ensure the safety of all involved.

HoltzclawTrial.com’s creator, Brian Bates, is well aware of Holtzclaw’s location, speaks with Holtzclaw via telephone on a regular basis and can assure the public he is currently incarcerated.