Oklahoma City Police Department Violations

(last updated 4/23/2016) If Daniel Holtzclaw is guilty of anything, then he is most assuredly guilty of violating a handful of the Oklahoma City police department's personnel policies. That said, policies are not laws and violating a policy in no way is proof of a violation of the law, or even criminal intent.

That said, investigators and prosecutors repeatedly used those policy violations to cast a dark cloud over Holtzclaw that they claimed proved he was a serial predator.

In fact, all of the policies Holtzclaw admittedly violated he apparently did so on a regular basis - so routine were these violations that they don't point to any criminal intent whatsoever. 

Specific Policy Violations:

  1. Turning off his patrol car's onboard computer and GPS/AVL after his shift ended. OCPD policy states that a take-home patrol car is to have its computer/GPS on at all times. 
    This violation was used in the Ligons off-the-clock traffic stop to insinuate that Holtzclaw intentionally 'went dark' to avoid detection. To the contrary, it was shown at trial (and agreed to by OCPD Sex Crimes Det. Kim Davis) that Holtzclaw appeared to never follow this policy and routinely turned his patrol car's computer/GPS off after ending his shift.
  2. Not calling in mileage readings when transporting a female passenger. OCPD policy states that officers are to radio in their starting and ending mileage when transporting passengers of the opposite sex.
    Again, Holtzclaw's records clearly showed that he often violated this policy but those violations did not result in sexual assault claims by other individuals.