Secret Hearing Held Regarding Daniel Holtzclaw Trial

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Originally Published 7/10/2017 | Updated 7/28/2017 (By Brian Bates) -- A super secret, two-day, closed-door hearing was held June 26 and 27 in Oklahoma County Judge Timothy Henderson's courtroom. All that's known for certain about the hearing is that it was filed "under seal" by the prosecution and that it's the Court of Criminal Appeals that sent it back to Oklahoma County District Court for a decision.

Below is the May 4, 2017 motion journal entry as it appeared on, under Daniel Holtzclaw's appeal case information...

KOKH Fox25's Phil Cross summed up the suspicious nature of the appeal and it's secrecy in the news story below, which aired on June 2, 2017...

In a move that should concern all Oklahomans, literally everyone except the prosecution was barred from participating or observing the hearing. Neither Daniel Holtzclaw, his attorney, nor the public were allowed to attend the two-day hearing and only learned it had taken place after a journal entry appeared on the Oklahoma State Courts Network website (, under Daniel Holtzclaw's criminal case information, as shown below...

Several local news outlets have specifically requested additional details from the state about the hearing, or at the very least, an indication of what law allows the prosecution to hold these hearings in total secrecy in an otherwise public courtroom - none of those requests were replied to by the prosecution. Local news media have interviewed several high profile criminal defense attorneys who all claim they've never seen such a lack of transparency from the state.

Despite all the secrecy, local news reporters Phil Cross (KOKH Ch25) and Lisa Monahan (KWTV Ch9) made Freedom Of Information requests for the video footage recorded by security cameras outside Judge Timothy Henderson's Courtroom. That footage revealed who attended the two-day hearing. Below is just a few of the key individuals who where seen coming and going from Judge Henderson's courtroom...

OCPD Chief Deputy Chief Johnny Kulman

OCPD Chief Deputy Chief Johnny Kulman

OKC's Chief Civil Litigator Rick Smith

OKC's Chief Civil Litigator Rick Smith

OCPD Lab Supervisor Campbell Ruddock

OCPD Lab Supervisor Campbell Ruddock

Also seen in the surveillance video were Gayland Geiger (original trial prosecutor), additional members of the Oklahoma County district attorney's office, members of the Oklahoma City police department and members of the Oklahoma attorney general's office.

As shown above, Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty's right-hand man, Deputy Chief Johnny Kulman, was obviously in attendance to represent the police department and report back to Citty. City attorney Rick Smith is said to be the City of Oklahoma City's chief civil litigator - meaning he is there to protect the city monetarily. This could be indicative that whatever was discussed potentially effects multiple current or future civil actions against the city. Most importantly was the presence of the Oklahoma City Police Department's forensic lab supervisor Campbell Ruddock.

Why is Ruddock's appearance so potentially important to this hearing and ultimately to Daniel Holtzlcaw?  For a few weeks now the only rumor that has emerged surrounding this secret hearing is that it has to do with how the OKC police department's forensic expert Elaine Taylor testified at trial. The specific rumor is that "we have another Joyce Gilchrist type situation on our hands" and that Taylor may have testified outside the scope of science and her expertise. We want to stress, this rumor has not in any way been confirmed and Elaine Taylor was not seen coming or going from the hearing. 

Below is a clip from Michelle Malkin Investigates that highlights the mishandling and misrepresentation of the DNA in Holtzclaw's trial...

Though it may be a total coincidence, Taylor retired from the OCPD lab in February of 2017 - just days after Daniel Holtzclaw's appeal was filed and increased public, defense and media criticism of how the DNA was presented and characterized at trial by both Taylor and lead prosecutor Gayland Geiger.

Below is a news report from KWTV News 9's Lisa Monahan in which several of the attendees of the two-day secret hearing were identified. Also in this newscast, Daniel Holtzclaw himself responds from prison in an exclusive phone interview...


  1. 12/5/2016 | Michelle Malkin | Malkin debuts two part series, Daniel in the Den; The Truth about the Daniel Holtzclaw Case. Part two of the series specifically calls out how the DNA was misrepresented at Holtzclaw's trial.
  2. 12/6/2016 | Michelle Malkin | Malkin sends email to OCPD Lab supervisor Campbell Ruddock and OCPD chemist Elaine Taylor inquiring about DNA misinformation in a television special that aired 10/26/2016 on TVone (Justice By Any Means; Jannie Ligons). Malkin never received a reply from Ruddock. Taylor reportedly passed the email on to the public information officer.
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  5. 1/10/2017 | Public | Daniel Holtzclaw's sister, Jennifer Holtzclaw, and members of the public send emails to Campbell Ruddock (OCPD Lab supervisor) highlighting Michelle Malkin's 1/4/2017 article regarding DNA.
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Below is what happened when Brian Bates, creator of, went to the Okla. Court of Criminal Appeals and simply asked them to follow their own rules when it comes to the public disclosure of filed motions... highly recommends you watch Michelle Malkin's series, Daniel in the Den; The Truth About the Holtzclaw Case, as seen below...