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Terri Morris; The Accuser a Detective May Have Manipulated Into Becoming a Holtzclaw 'Victim.'

2/25/2016 (last updated 2/26/2016) – by Brian Bates — Court documents and discovery items appear to show that an Oklahoma City woman, with a history of mental illness, was possibly manipulated by an OCPD sex crimes detective into becoming a critical Holtzclaw ‘victim.’

It has always perplexed me as to why investigators immediately determined then Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was a serial rapist who targeted only black women with a history of drug abuse and/or prostitution – a profile that was created seemingly out of thin air and only after a single accuser, Ligons, came forward with allegations against Holtzclaw. will be detailing, in a separate article, how the ‘perfect victims’ profile came about and how a flawed investigation ignited a racial media frenzy that eventually denied Holtzclaw a fair trial within the judicial system and the court of public opinion.

Shortly after Ligons’ alleged Jun. 18, 2014 sexual assault by Holtzclaw, Oklahoma City Police sex crimes detective Rocky Gregory recalled a complaint made by another black female, less than a month prior.

Terri Lynn Morris Okla. County Mugshot.

Terri Lynn Morris, 43, (aka”T.T.”) is a multiple-time convicted felon known to police as a street prostitute. Morris had claimed that she too was the victim of a sexual assault perpetrated by an Oklahoma City police officer.

On May 27, 2014 Detective Gregory was assigned a followup investigation into Morris’ accusations.

According to Det. Gregory, on May 24, 2014, at around 3 a.m., two OKC police officers responded to a domestic call near NE 23rd and Kelly Ave. – specifically; Morris’ on-again-off-again boyfriend called 911 because Morris was high, refused to get out of his truck, was being combative and destroying his property because she was infuriated that he had cheated on her.

When the officers arrived they confronted Morris and her boyfriend, Christopher Sheldon, 51. The responding officers also noted that Morris admitted to smoking crack earlier that day.

According to Det. Gregory, during Morris’ contact with the officers, she disclosed that she had previously been raped by an Oklahoma City police officer.

Morris told the officers that the rape had occurred either three or four days ago – specifically on May 20 or 21. Morris claims that she was sober and walking from a drug rehabilitation facility in downtown Oklahoma City to the City Rescue Mission when a patrol officer stopped her and had her get into his car.

Morris told the officers this happened just two blocks from the City Rescue Mission.

Google Map showing the City Rescue Mission and surrounding area, near downtown Oklahoma City.

Morris then claims that the officer had her get out of, face and place her hands on his patrol car. Morris says she was then told to unzip her pants. Morris said the officer then told her that he could take her to jail, but would let her go if she “sucked his dick.”

Morris then claims that the officer unzipped his pants and pulled his erect penis out. Morris says she placed it in her mouth for a short time and then asked the officer why he was doing this. Morris says the officer removed his penis from her mouth and put it back in his pants.

Morris says the officer then told her he would take her to the City Rescue Mission. However, Morris claims the officer instead drove her around and then dropped her off in an alley in downtown Oklahoma City.

Records maintained by the City Rescue Mission confirmed that the last time Morris had been in their facility was on May 20.

Morris described her attacker as a uniformed police officer that was a white male, about 40-years old, muscular build with dark skin and dark hair. Morris also stated that the officer was driving an older style patrol car.

When asked why she had waited three or four days to report the incident, she replied that “she was scared.”

Police records indicate that, unlike in the Ligons allegations, no flurry of investigative work was immediately launched and nobody from the sex crimes unit even bothered to respond to the scene.

In fact, one police record reads; “I contacted the on-call Sex Crimes supervisor. Lt. Ramos advised investigators would not be responding.”

A Lieutenant however was called to the scene and Morris repeated her accusation again.

Morris, who is listed as homeless and as being diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic with depressive features, left the area on foot while Sheldon left in his personal vehicle.

Only two hours after Morris’ sexual assault complaint, police are dispatched to her location again. This time she is at the Sooner Haven apartment complex (3543 N. Prospect) and is banging on an apartment door and trying to gain entry.

The woman who lived in the apartment claimed to not know who Morris was. After further investigation it was learned that Morris’ “boyfriend” Sheldon was actually in the apartment with the woman and Morris wasn’t happy about it.

Police report that Morris eventually left and went to another man’s apartment and stayed the night with him.

During an interview with police, Sheldon admitted he had once dated Morris, but that they were no longer dating and that he had a new girlfriend.

Det. Gregory followed-up with Morris in June of 2014 after he learned she was being detained by officers on the NE side of OKC. When Det. Gregory arrived he noted that Morris was in the back of a patrol car “hitting her head on the cage and wanted to leave.”

Det. Gregory also noted that Morris “immediately advised she did not want to go through with the investigation in regard to her sexual assault report on the unknown officer.” Det. Gregory further noted that Morris “would not cooperate in the investigation of the officer.”

Despite Morris’ insistence that she did not want to be detained by officers and did not want to cooperate in any investigation, she was told she would have to go to police headquarters, speak more on the subject and then be allowed to sign a ‘refusal to prosecute’ form.

Terri Morris being interviewed by OCPD Sex Crimes Detective Rocky Gregory.

Inside an interrogation room (and disclosed later in open court) Morris stated that she has recently been a patient in a mental hospital and also suffers from PTSD and hasn’t been taking her medication.

Det. Gregory reported that Morris continued to state she only wanted to sign the form and leave. Despite this, Det. Gregory repeatedly denies Morris this right and continues to try and interrogate her. Det. Gregory tries to force Morris to review a photo lineup but she refuses. After some time, Morris is eventually allowed to sign a refusal to prosecute form and leave.

Despite Morris’ clear communication that she didn’t want to discuss this matter any further, a few days later Det. Gregory put the word out for Morris to be detained by any officer who makes contact with her.  Det. Gregory also utilized confidential informants (aka, ‘snitches’). Morris was spotted by a confidential informant and a marked patrol unit was sent to detain her. Det. Gregory and another officer went to where Morris was being detained and once again they presented Morris with a photo lineup. The lineup contained several photos of police officers.

Det. Gregory knew by this time that two police officers had indeed come into contact with Morris and ran her through their computers in April and May of 2014 – one of those officers was Holtzclaw and the other was Jeff Sellers.

Neither Holtzclaw or Sellers had run Morris through their computers on May 20th or 21st. GPS history for both officers also didn’t match Morris’ claims.

Readers of my other website,, will probably recognize the name Sellers. This is the same officer that was once fired by the Oklahoma City Police Dept. for having sex with prostitutes in his patrol car and while on duty. Sellers was eventually given his job back and allowed to patrol areas of the city known for the persistent presence of street prostitutes. Sellers patrols those streets to this very day.

For an undisclosed reason, the photo lineup shown to Morris contained six photos – including officer Holtzclaw, but excluding officer Sellers.

Morris initially claimed her attacker was depicted in a photo belonging to Oklahoma City police officer J. Dutton. Morris’ initial response when shown Dutton’s photo was, “That’s him! …. I think”

Morris also hit on a photo of Holtzclaw; “No. … I don’t know, it could be him.”

In the end Morris said, of the six photos, her attacker could be the photo of officer Dutton or officer Holtzclaw – but that  she was unsure.

Det. Gregory noted that during this interview with Morris, she appeared to once again be on drugs. Morris repeated many of the same details about her alleged assault she had given twice before; She was walking from a downtown OKC rehab center after dark and headed to the City Rescue. The date was either May 20 or May 21. The officer who assaulted her was driving an older model Crown Victoria patrol car. Morris claims she was forced to perform oral sex on the officer before he dropped her off in an alleyway in downtown OKC.

Interestingly enough, Det. Gregory claims in his written report, and later at trial, that Morris’ first words were, “He did it again, didn’t he?” Yet, that statement is nowhere to be found in Det. Gregory’s recorded interview with Morris.

Det. Gregory also writes in his report that Morris “advised she would cooperate further.” However, the recorded interview makes it pretty clear Morris was agitated the entire time and did not want to be further questioned by police. In fact, one of her initial quotes is, “…it’s like I done told the story a thousand times.” Morris later in the interview states, “Are you going to keep bothering me again?” and “…this is bullshit.”

Morris gave additional details not revealed in her initial report on NE 23rd nor in her first interrogation at police headquarters.

Morris told Det. Gregory that the officer who assaulted her, first stopped her and she disclosed to him that she had a glass crack pipe. Morris said the officer had her place the pipe on the ground and step on it to break it.

Though Det. Gregory neglected to note it in his written report, Morris clearly says she thinks her attacker was “thirties, forties, I don’t know, fifty” years of age.

Det. Gregory notes in his written report that Morris claims the officer “acted like he checked her for warrants” but that she never heard any actually radio traffic from a dispatcher.

Morris also again claimed that she placed her hands on the officer’s patrol car and that she was made to raise her shirt so the officer could check for contraband – all while standing outside the officer’s patrol car.

Morris claims the officer told her “I can take you to jail or I can take you to the mission, just cooperate.”

Det. Gregory, in his written report, said Morris claimed that the officer not only had her unzip her pants, but also moved her pants so he could see her vagina. However, the transcript of their audio recorded of that particular interview does not make that distinction.

Det. Gregory also wrote in his report that Morris now described her attacker as being “white”, maybe of Irish decent and having “olive skin.” In reality, the recorded audio of Morris’ interview clearly has her saying, “… I think he was white, maybe he had some Indian in him or Irish or something. … because his skin, complexion, was like, you know, like a dark color.”

Morris, claims the officer’s penis just appeared and she doesn’t know how he exposed it or whether or not it was just through his fly or if he opened his pants.

Morris claimed she performed oral sex on the officer for a few minutes.

Morris claimed that when she stopped the officer told her to do it (oral sex) again. Morris said she told the officer, “…I just want to get back to the mission. I just want to go back to the City Rescue Mission.”

Morris also reveals to Det. Gregory that the officer drove her right past the City Rescue Mission and kept going. Morris claims she told the officer, “Hey, that’s the place, right there.”

Morris claimed that after the officer dropped her off in an unknown alley she did not continue on to the City Rescue Mission.

When asked if she had seen the officer before, Morris indicated she was not certain because, “she gets stopped a lot.”

Det. Gregory, who by this time knew Holtzclaw had indeed stopped Morris on May 8 at the Liberty Station Apartments and most likely transported her to another location, then reports that he asked Morris specifically – “Did this officer stop you previously at Liberty Station Apartments?” Det. Gregory reported that Morris said “no.”

What Det. Gregory doesn’t include in his written report is that he follows up his question about the assault location with, “…you know I keep covering it, but there is a reason.”

Det. Gregory also knew that Holtzclaw was not driving an older model patrol car at that time – as described by Morris – and was instead driving a 2013 Ford with an all black paint job.

Det. Gregory had Morris shown photos of the two different types of patrol cars and Morris again indicated it was an older black and white model.

Throughout his interviews with Morris, Det. Gregory continually asks Morris about how her attacker checked her for warrants and whether or not he actually did or only pretended to.

This is important because in every interview Morris insists that she never heard any radio traffic or a dispatcher reply to any warrant inquiry.

Det Gregory knows that Holtzclaw did indeed run Morris for warrants on May 8 and that police dispatch replied to his inquiry.

Below is the radio traffic from that warrant check on May 8 – Holtzclaw is using call-sign “Two-Charlie-Forty-Five” (2C45).

Det. Gregory noted that Morris exited his vehicle and said she wanted to leave and began walking away. In reality, Morris was extremely agitated and told Det. Gregory she did not want to cooperate any further and didn’t need his telephone number.

Despite Morris making it clear on her two previous encounters with police she didn’t want to pursue the investigation into her allegations, Det. Gregory approached Morris a third time – this time after learning she was in the county jail on warrants and had been there for several days.

During this interview (which is only audio recorded after Det. Gregory had already been speaking to her) Morris now claims that she lied previously about where the assault occurred. Now Morris claims that the assault happened at the only other location previously suggested and put into her head by Det. Gregory – Liberty Station Apartments (on the other side of town).

Google Earth map showing distance from City Rescue (original location), to Liberty Station Apts. (revised location).

Morris claims that she initially lied because she didn’t want her boyfriend, Sheldon, to know she fell off the wagon and was back on drugs. Morris claimed if Sheldon knew she was on the Eastside then he’d know what she was up to and be angry.

This reasoning doesn’t really make sense because its Sheldon that called 911 reporting that Morris was on drugs, refusing to get out of his vehicle and was tearing up his property. Morris had also openly disclosed that just prior to her sex assault she admitted to having a crack pipe on her. Additionally, Morris had also previously disclosed to Det. Gregory that earlier, on the day of her assault, she had “been taking care of some business on the Eastside.” Not to mention, when she reportedly disclosed to Sheldon and police about the alleged sexual assault she was at NE 23 and Kelly Ave. (#1 on the map graphic below) – barely half a mile from Liberty Station apartments and where she’s now claiming she was attacked (#2 on the map graphic below). Lastly, Morris later admitted in interviews that she is from the Eastside, grew up and has family living very near where she claims to have been assaulted.

Google Map showing Morris' proximity to her alleged assault location on 5/24/2014. #1 the gas station where she made the report. #2 Alleged (revised) assault location.

Morris insisted that everything else she said about the assault was true; how it happened, the date it happened, her description of the officer, his vehicle and pretending to check her for warrants. Morris said the only things she lied about was the location, placing her hands on the patrol car and getting out of the patrol car. Morris now claims the entire incident happened while she was seated in the back seat of a patrol car.

Morris told Det. Gregory that she had been at Liberty Station apartments getting high. Morris said that when she was leaving an officer pulled up and stopped her in front of the complex (#1 on the map graphic below). The officer had her get into his patrol car and then took her to a vacant lot around the corner on NE 24th Street (#2 on the map graphic below). Once there, Morris claims that is when the officer sexually assaulted her.

Map depicting where Morris claims she was picked up (#1) and where she claims she was assaulted (#2).

Morris claims that she told the officer she was headed to her “Uncle Terry Wayne’s” house off Urban League St. and that the officer insisted on taking her.

Morris claims that she gave the officer directions to near where her uncle lives and he dropped her off – after taking an indirect route. Morris claims that while in route, the officer paused by a field and that it made her nervous. Morris said that when she became ‘excited with fear’, the officer drove on and then let her out by Urban League St., near Wayne’s residence.

Morris also revealed to Det. Gregory, during this interview, that she was aware of news reports identifying an Oklahoma City police officer as allegedly assaulting other women on the Eastside of OKC. Det. Gregory left that revelation out of his written report.

Det. Gregory and another officer then proceeded to check Morris out of the jail and took her in their car to the areas she was now stating the encounter with the officer occurred.

Det. Gregory reports that the area where Morris now says she was picked up and assaulted are within clear view of two state buildings – Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture and the Oklahoma History Museum.

Both buildings have extensive video surveillance and their own security staff. The head of security for the Okla. Dept. of Agriculture bldg. is former OKC police officer Jerry Flowers. The head of security for the Okla. History Museum is a David Wilson. Both conveniently claim that their surveillance systems were ‘down’ and not functioning on the night in question and that they had no idea the cameras were not recording until Det. Gregory inquired.

What Det. Gregory already new was that Holtzclaw’s police radio history confirmed he had made contact with Morris on May 8, 2014. Furthermore, Holtzclaw’s patrol car GPS showed he indeed drove to and stopped at or near the vacant lot on NE 24th. From there Holtzclaw’s patrol car drove in the general direction Morris claims.

What remained to be answered is whether or not Morris was taking a very real situation – Holtzclaw stopping her outside Liberty Station apts. and then transporting her to in front of a vacant lot to question her about drug activity in the area. Or, was this proof that Holtzclaw committed a sexual assault against Morris?

Because Det. Gregory put the Liberty Station location in Morris’ head during previous interviews where he reminded her “there is a reason” he keeps going over the location – and the fact Morris now is well aware that an Oklahoma City police officer is being investigated on the Eastside (not downtown) for sexual assaults – many questions and much doubt have surfaced as to her credibility.

By the time these questions had been raised, Holtzclaw was already on administrative leave and had been assigned an FOP defense lawyer.

By Jul. 10, 2014, despite Morris initially giving a completely different part of town for her alleged assault, a wrong date range for her assault, a description that did not closely match Holtzclaw, was unable to positively identify Holtzclaw in a photo lineup, insisted her attacker drove a different style car than Holtzclaw, and claimed her attacker didn’t radio her in to dispatch – not to mention no eye-witnesses or direct evidence that a crime had even been committed – Det. Rocky Gregory determined Holtzclaw was Morris’ attacker and submitted charges to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office shortly thereafter.

Holtzclaw was ultimately charged with two counts of procuring lewd exhibition and a single count of forcible oral sodomy.

A jury found Holtzclaw not guilty of those charges.