Timeline for the Jannie Ligons Allegations

(last updated 4/17/2016 – newest added/edited information is highlighted with orange text )

The following is a timeline specific to the Jannie Ligons traffic stopand alleged sexual assault.

Daniel Holtzclaw had only previously worked on 6/9 and 6/10/2014 before reporting to duty on 6/17/2014.


7:00pm – OCPD Sgt. Walters begins his off-duty security shift at 5102 Beverly – the Old Surety Life Insurance Co. building. This is the building directly north of the Ligons traffic stop. The building has 32 total security cameras. The Ligons stop was captured on camera #21.  Walters will be on-duty until 5am on the 18th. Walters’ marked OCPD patrol car is parked on the building property.

7:30pm – Jannie Ligons arrives at Mac’s house to play cards and dominos.

9:47pm – Marisha Ligons called her mother Jannie Ligons to inquire about something at her house.


12:30am – Jannie Ligons took 2 “PM” pain relief pills and a brief nap.

2:00am – Jannie Ligons leaves Mac’s house to head home.

2:02am – Jannie Ligons is seen on surveillance camera #21 stopped at NE 50 and Lincoln Blvd. Video starts with Ligons already pulled over – cameras have to be manually reset at 2am and do not start recording again until 2:02am.

2:15am – Jannie Ligons traffic stop ends according to surveillance footage.

2:42am – Jannie Ligons arrives at home (according to Marisha Ligons).

3:23am – OCPD Anthony ‘Tony’ Carter recevied a phone call from Frances Carter (his mother) regarding cousin Jannie Ligons being assaulted. Q: “How do you get in the Springlake Briefing Station?” A: “Call 911 and an officer will come to you.”

3:40am – OCPD Wesley Booth says he was flagged down near the Lincoln Inn (5500 block of N. Lincoln Blvd.) where he was parked with at least one other officer/patrol car after they had responded to an alarm call at the motel. Reports that Jannie Ligons is riding in backseat of Rickey and Marisha’s vehicle. “Was taking Jannie Ligons to Springlake, BUT SAW ME FIRST.” (goes against Ligons’ version that they went to the Springlake station first)

3:44am – OCPD Bryan Taylor responded to 5500 N. Lincoln after getting a call that Lt. Wegner and Ofc. Booth were being flagged down and needed the Watch Commander to respond. Taylor had recently cleared an alarm call to this location and assumed it was in reference to that so he responded and met with Lt. Wegner and Capt. Davis. Taylor noted that “Jannie Ligons had a few entries in police records and no criminal entries in OSCN.”

3:44am – OCPD David Wegner was with Ofc. Booth were in a parking lot in the 5500 block of N. Lincoln Blvd. Maroon Ford Expedition pulled up.

3:59am – OCPD David Gulikers was contacted by dispatch to call Lt. David Wegner regarding being flagged down.

4:00am – OCPD Kell Cassidy responded to NE 55 and Lincoln Blvd. Spoke to Marisha Ligons.

4:00am – OCPD Sex Crimes Detective Kim Davis received call from Lt. Gulikers regarding being out on a citizen claiming she was sexually assaulted by a police officer. Told officers to take Jannie Ligons to SWMC for SANE exam. Kim Davis then went to SWMC to interview Jannie Ligons.

4:25am – OCPD Timothy Muzny recevied a call from Lt. Gulikers advising of the sexual assault. He went to 50th and Lincoln and met with Lt. Brian Taylor.

4:51am – OCPD Walters recevied a call from Lt. Taylor asking him to step outside of the Old Surety Life Insurance Co. building.

5:30am – OCPD Det. Robert High recevied a phone call to from Lt. Muzney to go to 5201 N. Lincoln.

7:50am – OCPD Ashley Argo dispatched to 4401 S. Western to pick up a rape exam.

10:50am – OCPD McBride went to 1200 block of NE 55 to process Jannie Ligons’ cell phone at a relative’s house. Jannie Ligons was asleep. McBride left at 11:10am.

11:45am – OCPD McBride arrived at 6100 N Western (Chesapeake) to process Jannie Ligons’ vehicle. Left at 12:30pm.

3:20pm – OCPD Timothy Muzny picks up DVD surveillance video. Reports that Kim Davis was not happy with photo lineup and wanted other options.

3:30pm – OCPD Det. John Robert High responded to the Springlake Briefing Station to impound Daniel Holtzclaw’s vehicle. Drove to evidence barn to process the patrol car. Told to process for finger prints on the hood, passenger side and trunk deck. Also asked McBride to wet swab the interior and backseat.

3:45pm – OCPD Gordon arrived at Springlake to photograph Daniel Holtzclaw for a lineup and his patrol car. Also checked for finger prints in Daniel Holtzclaw’s car and fluoresced it.

Unknown Time – Kim Davis and Det. High met Jannie Ligons at her daughter-in-laws house (1200 block of NE 55).

Unknown Time – Meeting with officers to review AVL – All but Daniel Holtzclaw was eliminated.

Unknown Time – Several superior officers called Daniel Holtzclaw in and he said he made the stop at NE 50 and Lincoln. Asked Daniel Holtzclaw to go to the station to be interviewed and he agreed. Daniel Holtzclaw vehicle taken to be processed. Daniel Holtzclaw taken to Major Jennings office by Capt. Clifton.

4:22pm – Daniel Holtzclaw signs a Miranda Advice of Rights and Waiver of Rights document while in an interrogation room at OKC Police headquarters. Holtzclaw has his firearm taken and secured. Daniel Holtzclaw is interrogated.

4:47pm – Daniel Holtzclaw signs a Waiver of Search of Body document while in an interrogation room at the OKC Police headquarters.


Unknown Time – OCPD Lt. Muzny met with Alan Salmon with OSBI and asked him to enhance surveillance video. Inconclusive.

Unknown Time – OCPD Lt. Muzny emailed Joe Hill and Calena Groves requesting any info on anyone Daniel Holtzclaw ran on his computer for the past three months. Hill said he would also give a list of any reports Daniel Holtzclaw may have written. Groves said she would give Varuna inquiries for the last 6 months. Also citation information from city court. Also requested Janet Mansfield provide any info on any activity Daniel Holtzclaw had where he called into Unit 800 in the last 3 months.

Unknown Time – OCPD contacted Eastern Michigan University via phone to see if Daniel Holtzclaw had any prior suspect involvement while at the university. Answer: No.


OCPD Kim Davis was contacted by CSI Gordon and advised she was assigned by Major Wenzel going to the OCPD evidence barn to process Daniel Holtzclaw’s patrol car for the second time. Det. Davis indicated that she “did not know anything about it…”


Unknown Time – Calena advised Lt. Muzny she had Varuna inquires completed.


Unknown Time – Janet Mansfield advised Lt. Muzny that she had his inquiry complete.


Unknown Time – OCPD Kim Davis met with Daniel Holtzclaw’s girlfriend and took DNA samples.


Unknown Time- Det. Davis receives the transcription of her and Det. Gregory’s interrogation of Daniel Holtzclaw.

Unknown Time – OCPD Kim Davis confirmed that Jannie ligons’ driver’s license had been ‘flagged’ and suspended.


Unknown Time – OCPD Kim Davis contacted Assistant District Attorney Gayland Gieger who said he would file one count of forcible oral sodomy. Gieger indicated he is also filing one count of forcible oral sodomy in reference to Det. Gregory’s case #14-41539


Unknown Time – OCPD Davis contacted atty. Susan Knight and told her there was unknown female DNA on the inside of Daniel Holtzclaw’s pants.


Unknown Time – OCPD Kim Davis creates a report detailing all the research they’ve done on Daniel Holtzclaw.


2:05pm – Judge Cindy Troung signed affidavit for arrest of Daniel Holtzclaw. Bond set at $5-million cash.

3:10pm – Daniel Holtzclaw arrested in relation to 7 accusers at 2301 W. Memorial.