Who is Daniel Holtzclaw?

From the time I wake up until I rest my head at night, Daniel’s freedom is what I constantly fight for every day.
— Jenny Holtzclaw (Daniel Holtzclaw's sister)

Heart of a lion

Daniel Holtzclaw with his sister Jenny.

Daniel Holtzclaw with his sister Jenny.

Daniel is a son, brother, uncle, and friend to so many whom he crossed paths within his 29 years of life. He is a man of high values, morals, and ethics. He is known as having a heart of a lion. He is a leader on and off the field.
Daniel took a lot of pride in everything he did, whether it was sports, his career or his health.  
Growing up and moving a lot with our military father, Daniel and I, just only a year apart in age, ran around like best friends.  We did everything together, from playing on the same team in sports to even arguing like “cats and dogs” as our Dad would always say. 
We were raised to work for everything we wanted. My brother, sister and I had jobs before we even started driving. 

daniel is a family man

Our parents have been married for 35 years now,  and marriage is something we all grew up respecting and wanting. Daniel was never shy to talk about getting married and having kids one day. He wanted his own little football team.
Daniel enjoyed hanging out with his girlfriend and friends on the weekends,  whether that was going to dinner at Mama Rojas on Lake Hefner and watching a movie or catching a Comedy Show at their favorite spot. He loved playing Xbox One with his friends when he was not at work.

I have always been a #1 fan of my brother

Daniel attended college in Michigan on a football scholarship. My family and I would stream every game live and watch every Saturday. Watching him play football is what actually got me into loving that sport.  It was pretty awesome watching him play against Navy in the same stadium that the Detroit Lions played their football games. Daniel excelled in football and was even projected to draft in the NFL. So what did I do? I built my first website of Daniel and his football stats and sent the website out to all the projected NFL Camps. 
I was always very excited when he came home for the holidays. We would get together with our friends and have a great time. We have the same personalities and always enjoyed making others laugh even if it was on our own expense. 

what the future holds

I am not sure exactly what the future holds but what I do know is that I will NEVER give up fighting for Daniel.
The morning after the verdict I met with a very special lady that I will never forget. Her son was also wrongfully convicted and later exonerated after serving several years for a crime he did not commit. 
Before I left, she told me, "Don't you ever give up, no matter what you keep fighting for him." 
I will never forget that moment. 

We are currently raising funds for Daniel's appeal. 

Typewritten letter from Daniel Holtzclaw to all his supporters.

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