Jenny Holtzclaw Addresses the Public After Daniel Holtzclaw's Appeal is Denied

Only hours after the OCCA published their opinion, Daniel’s sister Jenny Holtzclaw addressed the media in from of the OCCA building near the state capital.

Jenny was joined by her and Daniel’s father, Eric Holtzclaw - who is a lieutenant with another Oklahoma police department - and additional supporters.

Below is a portion of Jenny Holtzclaw’s public comments…

Court of Criminal Appeals 'Affirms' Daniel Holtzclaw's Conviction and 263 Year Sentence

8/1/2019 - OKC — The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals (OCCA) published their opinion “Affirming” (upholding) the criminal conviction and 263 year sentence of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

In 2016, Holtzclaw (half white and half Japanese) was convicted of 18 of 36 criminal charges stemming from the sexual assault allegations of 8 of 13 black females residing in the Springlake Patrol District. The females ranged in age from 17 - 57.

The five judge panel rendered a unanimous decision.

Welcome to Bates Investigates (the podcast) Season One: The State of Oklahoma vs. Daniel Holtzclaw

I’ve decided to create a blog to coincide with the season one podcast of the Daniel Holtzclaw case.

This will be an area where I can post articles, information, updates, answer questions and otherwise interact with the audience in a more timely format while keeping the podcast itself more streamlined.

In my career as a private investigator, working on many criminal defense cases, the Daniel Holtzclaw case is the one case my mind continually wanders back to and it’s one of the only cases I’ve personally worked on that I feel justice was truly not served.

During the preparation, and up through the trial itself, I kept my opinions of this case pretty much to myself.