Court of Criminal Appeals 'Affirms' Daniel Holtzclaw's Conviction and 263 Year Sentence

8/1/2019 - OKC — (by Brian Bates) The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals (OCCA) published their opinion “Affirming” (upholding) the criminal conviction and 263 year sentence of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

In 2016, Holtzclaw (half white and half Japanese) was convicted of 18 of 36 criminal charges stemming from the sexual assault allegations of 8 of 13 black females residing in the Springlake Patrol District. The females ranged in age from 17 - 57.

The five judge panel rendered a unanimous decision.

Holtzclaw’s criminal appeal attorney, James Lockard, appealed Holtzclaw’s conviction on the following grounds;

  1. Insufficient Evidence

  2. Joinder (combining all 13 accusers and 35 charges into one case was prejudicial)

  3. ‘Circus Atmosphere’

  4. ‘Overzealous Prosecutors’

  5. Ineffective Counsel

  6. Unconstitutionally Excessive Sentence

  7. Due Process Rights Violated

I was a part of Holtzclaw’s original jury trial criminal defense team. I feel compelled to point out that the OCCA found absolutely no fault with Holtzclaw’s criminal trial attorney, Scott Adams. The OCCA however was critical of Holtzclaw’s appellant attorney Lockard.

Below is the 57 page OCCA opinion and the last page is the official mandate.