13 Accusers, 36 Alleged Crimes, 17 Alleged Crime Scenes.
Not a single witness. Not a single piece of direct forensic evidence.
263 Years in Prison.



In Today's News:

2/14/2018 - Unwavering Daniel Holtzclaw advocate Michelle Malkin, of Michelle Malkin Investigates on CRTV, has just released this bombshell update regarding the flawed Holtzclaw investigation, trial and ongoing appeal process. This is a must watch!

Below is an op-ed piece that appears in today's Oklahoman newspaper by criminal defense attorney and law professor Randall T. Coyne. You can read the original article and comment, at this link from NewsOK.com.

Breaking news:

8/2/2017 - Just released! Read a Report on Scientific Issues in the Case of Oklahoma v. Daniel K. Holtzclaw by an International Panel of Forensic Experts. Click here (hosted on 3rd party site administered by HoltzclawTrial.com)

Ongoing Latest News:

KWTV Holtzclaw Quote Regarding DNA.jpg

Prosecutors Hold Secret Hearing Regarding Daniel Holtzclaw

7/11/2017 - On June 26 and 27, members of the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office, the Attorney General's office, the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Police department all participated in a two-day super secret hearing regarding new information in the Daniel Holtzclaw case. Every indication is that this new information is beneficial to Holtzclaw and damning to the prosecution. However, the prosecution was allowed to hold this two-day hearing behind closed doors in Judge Timothy Henderson's normally public courtroom. Daniel Holtzclaw, his defense attorney, nor the public was allowed to attend.

Holtzclaw.com has complete and ongoing coverage of this event at this link.

Award winning journalist, syndicated columnist, blogger, investigative reporter and NY Times best selling author Michelle Malkin has become an unwavering advocate for Daniel Holtzclaw since the release of her in-depth investigative two part series on CRTV.com entitled; "Daniel in the Den: The truth about the Holtzclaw case."  

In Malkin's documentary you see never before reported evidence, interviews, investigative techniques and the mounds of reasonable doubt that has Malkin declaring Holtzclaw the sacrificial lame for building public racial tension with law enforcement and the mob mentality of the Black Lives Matter movement.

You can watch Michelle Malkin's complete two-part series on the Daniel Holtzclaw case below...

Below are just two of the recent media interviews Michelle Malkin has conducted related to the Daniel Holtzclaw case. The first is an interview with Stefan Molyneux entitled 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent.' The second is an a radio interview on the Larry O'Connor.

Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

Last Friday (4/28/2017), Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen kicked off their latest season (and sweeps week) with a special dedicated to the Daniel Holtzclaw case. This one hour special is broken down into six segments below (as posted to CWD's YouTube channel).

Up to this point, Crime Watch Daily has been very one-sided in their reporting on the Daniel Holtzclaw case. After reviewing discovery evidence in HoltzclawTrial.com's possession, the producers of CWD agreed to take a more in-depth and balanced look at the case.

The result was indeed more balanced than any reporting they had done up to this point. In fact, a viewer pole indicated that a majority of those poled felt that Daniel Holtzclaw deserved a new trial.

The biggest criticism however is pretty significant; Crime Watch Daily promoted this special as revealing "new evidence," but in the end they failed to deliver on that promise. Specifically, Crime Watch Daily edited out any reference to the fact that the Oklahoma City Police Dept. and prosecutor Gayland Geiger intentionally failed to acknowledge to the jury that in addition to one accuser's DNA being found on the fly of Holtzclaw's pants - so was the DNA of a yet to be identified male - supporting the theory of simple transfer or touch DNA. This fact is what is likely to most impact Holtzclaw's appeal.

Additionally, at one point in this special, Crime Watch Daily unethically edited an accuser's audio/video statement to make her statement more closely fit Daniel Holtzclaw's description.

*After making Crime Watch Daily aware of the concerns above, they have agreed to re-edit the show and make the necessary revisions.

Part One: The Prosecution's Case

Part Two: The Prosecution's 

Part Three: The Defense's Case

Part Four: The Defense's Case

COMING SOON! Do you have a question, comment or concern you want to see addressed in an upcoming episode? Click here to make your submission - 100% transparency, all evidence will be addressed.

CURRENT STATUS of Daniel Holtzclaw's ConvIction

7/10/2017 | On June 26 and 27 a two-day super secret hearing was held at the request of the prosecution. The hearing was held in trial Judge Timothy Henderson's courtroom. Only the prosecution was allowed to attend. Daniel Holtzclaw, his attorney and the public were all denied advance notice of the hearing date and were not allowed to observe the proceedings. You can get more detailed coverage of this developing story at this link.

The defense officially filed Daniel's appeal on 2/1/2017. It could be several months before the appeal is ruled on. Should the appeal be ruled against Holtzclaw, he could appeal to the Supreme Court. Daniel is currently being held in an undisclosed prison facility. Daniel is doing well, is not isolated from other inmates and speaks with his family and myself on a regular basis. The civil court cases against Daniel are ongoing. You can also get updates and ask questions on our official Facebook page (In Defense of Daniel Holtzclaw).

Stay current with updates to this website, media announcements etc. by following our Twitter feed @HoltzclawTrial.

 Facebook post from an Oklahoma police chief with 28 years of law enforcement experience.

Facebook post from an Oklahoma police chief with 28 years of law enforcement experience.

Facebook post from a former police officer who was also wrongfully convicted and had to fight for justice and exoneration.

More Individuals Take a Public Stance in Daniel Holtzclaw's Defense:

Canadian civil rights activist Diana Davison launches YouTube series highlighting the injustice perpetrated against Daniel Holtzclaw. Below are two of the videos in Davison's ongoing efforts to highlight the injustice of Daniel's conviction. You can visit Davison's YouTube channel and her Daniel Holtzclaw playlist by clicking here.

TheWorldFromFerg on YouTube.

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.
— Elie Wiesel

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  • Aug. 3, 2017 | Link added to home page | Report on Scientific Issues in the Case of Okla. v. Daniel Holtzclaw. (link)
  • Jul. 26, 2017 | Added to Factoid #1 | Video of OKC police officer Alex Edwards leaving the courtroom. (link)
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  • Jul. 11, 2017 | Added page dedicated to coverage of the secret hearings held on June 26 and 27. (link)

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  • Jan. 23, 2017 | Diana Davison launches new YouTube series about the Holtzclaw Case - added to top of home page.

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  • Nov. 27, 2016 | 'Accuser Profile Graphic' updated - corrections made and additional information added. (link)

  • Nov. 26, 2016 | 'Accuser Profile Graphic' updated - corrections made and additional information added. (link)

  • Nov. 23, 2016 | Updated the article "In Holtzclaw's Defense. What I think Actually Happened." (link)

  • Nov. 21, 2016 | Embedded 20/20 episode "What the Dash Cam Never Saw" (near the bottom of this page).

Below are articles regarding two important accusers, Jannie Ligons and Terri Morris. If not for these two alleged 'victims,' the Daniel Holtzclaw case most likely never would have come to pass...

Jannie Ligons' Allegations

The off-the-clock stop that started it all.

Terri Morris' Allegations

The accuser manipulated into becoming a Holtzclaw victim.

The 'Evidence' used to convict Daniel Holtzclaw

The Trial and the Aftermath


ABC 20/20 episode, "What the Dash Cam Never Saw" -- originally aired May 20, 2016 - can be viewed by clicking this link to the abc.go.com website.

Below is a type-written letter from Daniel Holtzclaw...

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