13 Accusers, 36 Alleged Crimes, 17 Alleged Crime Scenes.
Not a single witness. Not a single piece of direct forensic evidence.
263 Years in Prison.


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NEW: I have created a subreddit for the permanent archival and discussion of the allegations, investigation, prosecution and appeal regarding Oklahoma vs. Daniel Holtzclaw. Log-in and join in the conversation… Daniel Holtzclaw Subreddit r/DanielHoltzclaw

Below is a cheat sheet to help you keep up with the piling on of accusers in the Daniel Holtzclaw case. Most people don't know (because the mainstream media never reported) that there were actually 21 individuals that claimed that then Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw sexually assaulted them. 7 of the 21 (33%) admitted they lied (one was a man, only one was prosecuted).

13 of the 21 resulted in criminal charges. 5 of the 13 (38%) resulted in “not guilty” verdicts. The 8 guilty verdicts resulted in a prison sentence of 263-years, even though no direct forensic evidence of guilt, nor any independent witnesses were presented at trial. 

Daniel Holtzclaw received the longest prison sentence on the word of accuser Ellis, who said her attacker was a
“short black man” and Holtzclaw’s patrol car GPS records disputed her claims.

13 of the accusers (93% of those that didn’t admit to lying) filed civil lawsuits seeking huge payouts. 

13 of the 21 accusers (62%) either admitted to lying or were not believed by either the prosecution or the jury. By any measure, justice was not served.


4/30/2018 - Michelle Malkin's investigative piece, "RAILROADED: Surviving Wrongful Convictions"  was screen this past weekend in New York at the Manhattan Film Festival. You can watch it below...

On April 22, 2018, Daniel's sister, Jenny, hosted a Facebook Live event with a call-in from her brother. You can watch and listed below as Daniel answers questions from those who tuned in.

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Daniel Holtzclaw "Guilty" or "Innocent"? Join the debate on Kiola at this link.

In Today's News:

2/14/2018 - Unwavering Daniel Holtzclaw advocate Michelle Malkin, of Michelle Malkin Investigates on CRTV, has just released this bombshell update regarding the flawed Holtzclaw investigation, trial and ongoing appeal process. This is a must watch!

Award winning journalist, syndicated columnist, blogger, investigative reporter and NY Times best selling author Michelle Malkin has become an unwavering advocate for Daniel Holtzclaw since the release of her in-depth investigative two part series on CRTV.com entitled; "Daniel in the Den: The truth about the Holtzclaw case."  

In Malkin's documentary you see never before reported evidence, interviews, investigative techniques and the mounds of reasonable doubt that has Malkin declaring Holtzclaw the sacrificial lame for building public racial tension with law enforcement and the mob mentality of the Black Lives Matter movement.

You can watch Michelle Malkin's complete two-part series on the Daniel Holtzclaw case below...

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